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  So, Arthur and Merlin are riding through Camelot and they happen upon a woman who’s about to be burned at the stake for being a magic user. They cut her down and rescue her, but she’s already near death cause she’s super old and frail or something. To thank Arthur for rescuing her, she […]

Okay, so it’s the start of the final season – season five. And it’s several years past the end of season four. There’s a meeting of the Round Table, and for some reason, even though Merlin was an original member of the Round Table, he’s not allowed to sit at it anymore. I guess ’cause […]

This is likely going to be a super short recap this week because I’m utterly swamped. But anyway… Despite the fact that the Old Religion is banned in Camelot, they’re having a Beltane feast anyway because nothing says Camelot Abhors Paganism like a good old fashioned celebration of everyone’s favorite fertility rite. During the feast, Greasy […]

The title of this post is, unfortunately, inaccurate. I remembered that she’s in one more episode, but it’s not enough, damn it. Okay, so this episode opens with Gwen getting kidnapped by slavers from the village she was banished to. The slaver is in cahoots with Morgana who’s planning yet another tiresome attack on Camelot. […]

This episode opens with the Arthur, Merlin and the knights in the woods behaving like obnoxious junior high schoolers  and playing Keep Away with with water flasks, and Elyan is thirsty. They continue riding and stumble across a shrine in the forest – there a bits of cloth everywhere tied on ropes and branches, crystals […]

Welcome to my new blog. I was getting annoyed with Blogger for myriad reasons, so here I am.  And huge thanks to Jessica Jarman for helping me figure out how this all works and helping me set it up. And by helping me set it up, I clearly mean doing it for me because I’m […]

This episode opens with Uther waiting patiently for the kings from five other kingdoms to arrive so they can have a peace summit and all sign a peace treaty. But one of the kings has other plans. His name escapes me, and I’m real lazy, so from here on in, he shall be known as […]

The episode opens on a dark and stormy night (of course) with a mean looking bounty hunter pulling a cart with a cage on it into Camelot. Inside the cage is a beautiful young woman. The bounty hunter goes inside the tavern and leaves his prisoner out in the rain.  Merlin and Gaius who’ve been […]

So this recap is actually two episodes long and the first two parter of the series. The first episode begins in a mountainside cave where a toady-looking little dude is muttering and stirring something in a cauldron – always a winning combo.  He scoops out some of the disgusting looking goop, puts it into a […]

This episode opens with Arthur helping Morgana onto her horse in preparation to make a pilgrimage to her father’s grave. We also see Gwen getting herself on her horse (servants don’t warrant assistance) while exchanging meaningful glances with Arthur. He tells them to return before dusk and Morgana and Gwen ride off with several knights […]