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Gather ’round children, for it is story time. (Yes. Again. Quit bitching.) Once upon a time, I had a Toshiba laptop. And it was a good little computer, but after about two years, it grew tired of my constant abuse and overuse and tried diligently and repeatedly to commit suicide. Jen said, “Dude, since you’re […]

Okay, my loves, here’s the deal, the last two weeks have kind of blown with family and work drama – much of it good, some of it less than good, and in the last five days, there have been two oral surgeries in this house – two kids and 8 impacted wisdom teeth. And now? […]

The episode opens with Arthur finding a bunch of slaughtered knights – including Sir Leon. Upset, he reports it to his father. But Sir Leon isn’t dead. He’s only mostly dead. A group of druids find him and carry him back to their cave (the same cave in every other episode because CAVE) where they […]

Ohhhhhh, for the love of god…do the tournaments in Camelot never end?  Seriously…her a tournament, there a tournament, everywhere a tournament.  Sorry…I got carried away. This may already be obvious, but this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. Any way, the show opens with Dudley Dursley – okay, fine, Gilli (but he’ll always be Dudley […]

So this week is fictional crushes. And it’s late Tuesday night while I try to cobble this post together. Trust me, when I tell you that’s it’s been an exhausting week (yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday) but I’m gonna try not to phone this in. Mostly because I’ve haven’t missed a Wednesday blog post […]

I’m so sorry guys – this is going to be a super short post because it’s late, and I’m trying to outrun a migraine. Blergh. But this weeks episode is fueled by paranoia and douchebaggary. Morgana flips shit because she has a dream about Arthur crowning Gwen queen. Morgana cries to Morgause and Morgause tells […]

Okay, so in this episode, we have Gaius’ old flame, Alice, returning to Camelot and setting up shop as a healer. Uther gets wind of these miraculous healings and flips ship because the peasants aren’t dying when clearly they should be. So obviously magic must be involved. Okay, in this case, he’s totally right, but […]

Okay my loves, this post is going to be considerably shorter than usual, because I’m the Plague Maiden. And mostly all I can do is cough and sleep. Okay, so Arthur goes on what’s basically a vision quest so he can figure out what quest he has to fulfill in order to be worthy of […]

This episode opens with Gwen dousing the candles in Morgana’s room and leaving for the night, and as she does, we see Morgana smirk – the first in what proves a smirk-heavy episode. Gwen returns to her own home outside the castle where she’s knocked unconscious with some kind of herbal ether and brought to […]

For Wednesday Randomness, we’re talking about our search histories. So…yeah.  This should be interesting. These are the things I’ve searched for recently. 1. Can animals take Tramadol – Sometimes you need to know this stuff for research, people. 2. Tim Minchin – Let’s be honest…my love for this man knows no bounds. 3.YA blog tours […]