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So, this episode starts out with a baby in a fantastic wooden cradle (that I covet but can’t find a damn picture of) near an open window. A little blue fairy dude(one of the sidhe) flies through the window and casts a spell on the sleeping baby.  Several years later, we see an adorably awkward, […]

So, this week’s episode is one that’s pretty universally loathed, but more on that as I go.  It opens with Merlin and Arthur running away from a giant hoard of marauders/bad guys/ what-have –you with no explanation to why. Obviously, it’s a plot device to for Arthur to be shot with an arrow and conveniently […]

This episode opens with Arthur and Merlin returning from a hunt. Arthur decides what they really need is a tankard of cold mead, so they stop in at a tavern presumably on the outskirts of Camelot. Arthur gets pissy that the barmaid finds Merlin more attractive than him and later he gets his protective hackles […]

This episode opens with Merlin visiting everyone’s favorite pompous librarian while looking for a book for Gaius. While searching for the book, Merlin discovers a secret room thanks to a spinning bookcase. In the secret room (which is trashed by the way – does no one pick up in this library?) he finds a smallish […]

That’s a good question, because dude…sometimes motivation is hard. Really hard In all truth…I’m motivated by deadlines. Hard deadlines. The kind I can shove back and delay don’t really do it for me.  I need something firm, with serious consequences if I don’t finish the project. Also, I’m motivated by the story. If it’s something […]

I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to watch Merlin with Jess and Jen this week, but I’m in the U.P (The Land of Very Little Reliable Internet) on a family vacation. But I wrote this out in advance. Yay Netflix! Season three opens with Morgana having been missing for an entire year and Arthur, Merlin […]

When I was writing Surfacing, I had to create a playlist to help drown out everything else so I could finish the damn book. And this week, on Wednesday Randomness, we just happen to be talking about playlists, so I’m going to share this one! It’s called: Music to Finish this Fucking Book Why, yes…I […]

The last episode of season two opens with death and destruction – compliments of a really pissed off dragon. Arthur and the knights are trying to fight the dragon while Gaius and Gwen are tending to the wounded. Gwen goes out into the courtyard for more water even though Gaius tells her not to because […]

Okay…before we get into the recap, I have to do a little shameless self-(and also Jess and Jen) promo for our brand new Merlin inspired anthology, If Ever I Would Leave You: Arthurian Stories for a New Generation. Jess, who’s awesome, btw, suggested that we do Arthurian themed stories since we all love this stuff […]