Bronwyn Green

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Dark secrets, carnal spells, and breathless love.

Reluctant medium, Emma Boulton, finds herself saddled with the ghost of Ian O’Meara, a strict, Irish school teacher. Despite her best efforts to help him toward the light, he’s more interested in finding a way into her bed. Falling in love with the charming spirit is far too easy, but is a future possible between the living and the dead?

Instead of casting a protection spell as intended, Rowan Spencer ends up conjuring an ancient Celtic god—a gorgeous, naked god who’s looking for a sacrifice. However, Gwydion finds he’d rather bind Rowan to him for his pleasure and build a life together—a life that isn’t theirs to have.

Meaghan Boulton thinks a steamy hookup at a wedding is a great idea. It’s only later she discovers her one-night stand is a cop who now suspects she may be involved in a crime. Using a scrying spell, she tries to convince him of her innocence, and in turn, he convinces her that being restrained by a police officer isn’t always a bad thing.

Magic rarely goes as planned—particularly when ghosts, Celtic gods and police officers with a taste for rope get involved. Falling in love is a bit like magic—unexpected, exciting, and binding in every sense of the word.

Please Note: This collection was was previously published as Witch Way, but it has been re-edited and expanded. 

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