Bronwyn Green

The Corner of Quirky & Kinky


They say not to mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately, her Friday night hook-up is now her Monday morning interview.

For the last two years, Beatrice Spencer has been dealing with more than an average amount of stress. When her best friend stepped down as CEO of Weaver Imports, the board of directors voted, albeit not unanimously, that she would take his place. Though the transition has gone well, a few of the old guard have been resistant to a woman leading the company. When her most vocal critic leaves, she has to scramble to find a new Chief Information Officer. Desperate to let off steam, Bea finally accepts a friend’s invitation to an exclusive kink club.

Cameron Decker needs a change. He’s not sure that change needs to be as big as moving from New York to London, but when the executive recruiter he’s working with finds what could be an ideal fit, he’s willing to consider it. Deciding to treat himself to a long overdue vacation, he combines the interview with a visit to an old friend. Eager to show Cameron all that London has to offer, his friend arranges for him to visit Sterling Manor—a private fetish club—where he meets a sweetly submissive sub. When he arrives for his interview the following Monday, he’s stunned to discover that the same woman he can’t stop thinking about—the same woman he’d had on her knees—is the CEO of the company he’s meeting with.

Bea forces herself not to react as the man who’d fulfilled more than one of her deepest darkest fantasies, and who’d spawned a plethora of new ones, walks into the room. She fervently hopes, he’s the worst candidate for the position. Because if he’s as skilled at information technology as he is at sexual dominance, she’ll be the worst kind of screwed.