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Welcome to my new blog. I was getting annoyed with Blogger for myriad reasons, so here I am.  And huge thanks to Jessica Jarman for helping me figure out how this all works and helping me set it up. And by helping me set it up, I clearly mean doing it for me because I’m […]

So, this week’s episode is one that’s pretty universally loathed, but more on that as I go.  It opens with Merlin and Arthur running away from a giant hoard of marauders/bad guys/ what-have –you with no explanation to why. Obviously, it’s a plot device to for Arthur to be shot with an arrow and conveniently […]

This episode opens with an ominous thunderstorm and Morgana sleeping fitfully. She’s apparently having magical dreams because the candle next to her bed spontaneously lights. Gwen enters with a pile of blankets, discovers Morgana already sleeping, extinguishes the candle, moves it to a table by the window and leaves. Morgana lights the candle again in […]

I can’t believe we’ve finished season one already.  I also can’t believe I’ve been religiously blogging for thirteen weeks straight without missing. Yay, Merlin Club pressure! 😀 This episode opens with Arthur, Merlin and four knights of Camelot creeping through the wood on a hunt as well as Arthur being annoyed with Merlin. Again. (And […]

So today is all about celebrity crushes. I’ll straight up admit that this likely overwhelming post is just a small, small sampling of the first few people who sprang to mind when this topic was introduced. And like most writers, I’ll admit to modeling more than a few characters off actors and musicians. Anyhow…these are […]

It’s time for Merlin Club! I can’t believe we’re almost done with season one! The episode opens with a jaunty little marketplace scene. Tom, Gwen’s father, gives her a pretty pewter button then surprises her with a whole new dress. She’s immediately (and, as it turns out, rightfully so) suspicious about where the money came […]

The episode opens with Arthur, Merlin and a hunting party wending their way through a mist-shrouded forest. Why Arthur’s wearing metal bracers is beyond me. Are you planning to do a little hand to hand combat with the woodland creatures, Arthur, or what? Weirdly, the other knights are in chain mail. Who wears armor to […]

Buckle up, kids, it’s finally time for Jess to get her Merthur on! The episode opens with a gently sweeping pastoral view of the village of Ealdor when a band of thugs on horsebacks rides in and demands the villagers’ crops. You can tell the leader is extra evil because he’s got a prominent facial […]

This episode opens with our favorite villain, Nimueh, in the burial vaults beneath Camelot casting a spell over one of the sarcophaguses – the only words that aren’t in Old English are Uther Pendragon. So you know *that’s* not gonna end well. And as if to underscore that fact, up pops an armored hand through […]

 It’s that time…time for another installment Merlin Club! This week, we’re on episode 8. This episode opens with an attractive (in that scruffy kinda way) druid and his young apprentice wandering through the open air market at Camelot. They’re accompanied by what sounds to be Tibetan throat singing. When they stop at a stall to […]