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As always, these are in no particular order.  10.) I really don’t need any more mugs, but this one speaks the god’s honest truth.  9.) And I really don’t need any more rings. But this one is gorgeous.  8.) I definitely don’t need more yarn, but enough skeins of this and I could make a fantastic sweater.  […]

I spend literally every day with books. Books I’m writing. Books I’m editing for clients. Books I’m prepping to go into audio for clients. And books I want to read for me. That’s a lot of books. But for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll just stick to the best book I’ve read for me. […]

Ugh. This month, you guys. It’s been a bit of a clusterfuck what with the festival of stress, anxiety, depression having the neurotransmitter equivalent of a kegger in my brain. *sigh* But, this will eventually pass, right? RIGHT?! (Please feel free to lie convincingly to me, here.) Anyway, it’s time for the monthly check-in, so […]

As anyone with questionable self-esteem can tell you, the above sentiment is one of the hardest things in the world to do. No, really. But, today’s blog topic is making a list of our favorite things about ourselves. Ugh. Okay, so…let’s see. Favorite things about myself… 1.) I’m usually really good with kids. Probably because […]