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Time. I lie to myself about time all the fucking time. Literally, every damn day. It goes something like this: *looks at heaping pile of fabric, mentally cuts out and constructs costume in head, looks at calendar, looks back at fabric* “Eh…I’ve got plenty of time.” *goes back to writing/reading, looks up at heaping pile […]

The prompt will be in bold in the story.    Head pounding, Kat slowly blinked open her eyes and squinted, trying to make out her surroundings. It smelled a little like wet earth and moldering leaves. There was a bare lightbulb in a table lamp across the room–the wire of the bent harp cast odd, […]

    Shivering, I reached out and traced the spiderwebbing cracks in my windshield, the pressure of my fingertip making the fissures spread with the tinkling sound of breaking glass. My mom jumped, startled by the sound, and turned away, burying her face in my dad’s shoulder. His arms came up around her, and he […]

I love Disney movies. And I’ll never be too old for them. So there. In no particular order, these are my top ten. 10.) Monsters, Inc. 9.) Beauty and the Beast 8.) Tangled 7.)  Hercules 6.) Toy Story 5.) Moana 4.) Frozen 3.) Muppet Treasure Island 2.) Aladdin 1.) The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh Honorable […]

Truth time… I have a very difficult time just doing nothing. Like…I know that everyone needs a good lazy day here and there and relaxation is important, but doing nothing makes me hellishly anxious. Like…borderline panicky. I know. I know, that’s probably not healthy. Trust me, I’m aware. I can’t even just sit and watch […]

CW: Domestic violence, murder Because of the nature of this prompt, it will appear in bold as it occurs in the story rather than at the beginning like usual.   “Just come meet him, Molly. He’s nice, I swear. And besides, Mark will vouch for him.” Molly rolled her eyes. “That’s the same thing you […]

Best and Worst is a new feature for the Wednesday Random Bloggers. It’s not best and worst for everyone–just the best and worst for each blogger participating. First, the worst. These are things I’ve tried, and they actually made my brain curdle. So, I refuse to ever do them again. The end. Super intensive plot […]

Trying to blog right now could be interesting as I’ve been locked in a tiny bathroom with only an exhaust fan and no openable window breathing primer fumes for the last three hours. Let’s see how it goes, shall we? In addition to all the scraping and sanding and painting, this month for Boho Barbie’s […]