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Don’t panic…you’re in the right place. I just did some remodeling over the weekend. What do you think? Anyway, on to the post. This month’s song fic was inspired by “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. You can read the lyrics or watch the video and listen to the song. Or both. […]

Welp, it’s the first flash fiction of the new year, and I’m staring at this picture that looks entirely too much like it looks outside and trying to come up with story that’s not me whining about how cold I am and how much I hate to drive in the snow. Both of these things […]

  The last song fic of the year was inspired by Chances by Five for Fighting. Here are the lyrics and video if you want to take a peek. Heads up: this story is probably going to be the shortest of the short. Unless you’re super new here, you know the drill, I’m averaging three […]

The holidays at my house look a lot like this…calm, serene…quiet. But if you look closer…   And me? I’d just like the tree to stay upright. Be sure to check the other bloggers’ posts to see what the holidays look like at their house. Jess  *  Paige  *  Gwen

As usual, these are in no particular order, because why change now? Also, as a gift recipient, I think you’ll find I’m pretty easy to please. 10.) Books! Booooooooooooooooooooooooks! 9.) Cool journals. 8.) A new iPad with a keyboard case. 7.) Washi tape! For important bullet journal needs. 6.) A personal chef. Because I hate […]

Okay, so…three writing career wishes…what would I wish for… To make enough off my writing to support myself and my family–some bestsellers would be great. To have time to write all of the stories I want to tell and to tell them to the very best of my ability. To have multiple annual writing retreats […]

Okay, so this last month, I said, I’d… Finish all of my scheduled blog posts. Yep Write and practice my presentation on POV for the November GRRWG meeting. Yep Finish the guest blog posts I agreed to. Yep Finish my part of the holiday project. Nope Finish the two very, very late Christmas presents. Nope Finish sewing at least four holiday gifts. Nope Continue […]