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This month has been another whirlwind of activity. We’ve been busily working on Boho Barbie’s Dream Bath, and we’re almost done! I spent ten glorious days with Jess who came to stay at my place and was witness to all the bathroom chaos including two catastrophic pipe leaks in the basement and one slightly less-catastrophic […]

Okay, so this last month, I said, I’d… Finish all of my scheduled blog posts. Yep Write and practice my presentation on POV for the November GRRWG meeting. Yep Finish the guest blog posts I agreed to. Yep Finish my part of the holiday project. Nope Finish the two very, very late Christmas presents. Nope Finish sewing at least four holiday gifts. Nope Continue […]

Man, I’ve been kicking ass this month. My goals were: Finish the rewrite of Under Your Spell  (Ummmm…no. But I’ve made progress.) Finish all of my scheduled blog posts  (Yep.) Finish building the last website  (Nope.) Complete the assigned audiobook preps  (Did 6. And I’ll finish the last by the 31st.)  Sort bedding and purge my clothes. […]

Man… this has been a month. A long, weird, disquieting month. Sadly, my mother-in-law died recently, so much of this month has been dealing with grief, and frustration, and anger at a certain family member on that side who needs to be throat punched. But that’s life. Weirdly, I managed to accomplish quite a few […]