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I can’t believe this is the last Merlin Club post. Seriously. How did that even happen!? The two-part series finale opens with Morgana testing her Magic Hoovering Slug on some poor, but powerful, unsuspecting druid dude. Ones she proves that the man’s magic can be sucked clean out of him, she has someone sneak the Magic […]

In this episode, Arthur and the knights stumble upon a bunch of dead people that were headed to Camelot. They’d been on their way to Camelot with a load of weapons and murdered. Mordred takes off after one of the people who’d killed the people and discovers it’s his childhood friend, Kara. She’s injured and […]

Okay, soooooo quick run down. Morgana captures the Catha aka Alator because he knows Emrys’ true identity and she’s gonna torture it out of him. Finna, a worshiper of the Old Region and also Merlin’s Biggest Fan, (I feel like she’d give Jarman a run for her money) finds Merlin and tells him Arthur is […]

  The episode opens with Arthur learning that Gwen is betraying him with Morgana. Merlin and Gaius convince him that she’s under Morgana’s spell and Merlin does his aging spell and goes to the creepy old lady in the cave – the one with her eyes sewn shut – to find out how to break […]

  Gwen uses a young boy to lure Merlin away from Camelot while she sets up a Medieval style hit on Arthur. The boy leads Merlin deep into a forest and Morgana attacks Merlin and poisons him with a slow acting, torturous poison and then kicks him down into a ravine. Meanwhile, Gwen is arranging […]

  Okay, so my life is spinning wildly and horribly out of control because of writing deadlines, editing deadlines, and life deadlines. You may be noticing a theme here. As a result of the seventh circle of hell that is now my life Merlin Club is gonna be super short this week. Basically, Gwen is […]

  Okay, so long story short, Morgana kidnaps Gwen from the middle of a bunch of knights while she and her brother, Elyan, were on their way home from a pilgrimage to their father’s grave. Leon and Percival get bitten by poison magical snakes and the knights return to Camelot sans their queen. Arthur is flipping out […]

  The Disir are these three Old Religion priestesses who embody the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects of the Goddess and they’ve found Arthur lacking and are judging him with the help of a druid who’s willing to sacrifice himself to deliver the message and an oversized novelty coin. Arthur doesn’t take it seriously at […]

  In this episode, Morgana comes up with yet another plan to take down Camelot with the help of Arthur’s old enemy, Odin. Arthur killed Odin’s son, Odin had Uther killed. Odin doesn’t feel they’re even so he goes along with yet another lameass plan by Morgana because in return, he’ll get Arthur to do […]

  So, Arthur and Merlin are riding through Camelot and they happen upon a woman who’s about to be burned at the stake for being a magic user. They cut her down and rescue her, but she’s already near death cause she’s super old and frail or something. To thank Arthur for rescuing her, she […]