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When I was writing Surfacing, I had to create a playlist to help drown out everything else so I could finish the damn book. And this week, on Wednesday Randomness, we just happen to be talking about playlists, so I’m going to share this one! It’s called: Music to Finish this Fucking Book Why, yes…I […]

Everyone gets stressed out. If they don’t, I want to know who they are so I can stalk them and learn their secrets. I really do try not to sweat the small stuff. I used to flip out about every little thing. All the time. It was exhausting. I eventually got to the point where […]

This week, we’re talking about the shit jobs we’ve had prior to becoming writers. I’ve had some pretty shitacular jobs. Not as many or as bad as a lot of people have had, but they’ve all been things I chose not to make a career of. I was a: Waitress at a restaurant where the […]

So this week’s topic is favorite books. I’ve already had a stern talk with myself about the importance of self-control since I’ve got a massive to-do list and if I don’t rein myself in with this list, ain’t nothin gettin done today. Now, these are in no particular order, because how could I possibly make […]

This week, the Wednesday Random Bloggers welcome our latest member – the spectacular Gwendolyn Cease! As a lot of you might know, Jess Jarman and Jenny Trout and I have been recapping the BBC TV show, Merlin. What you might not know is I’m an Arthurian lit junkie from way back – pretty much since […]

Sooooooooooooooooo…10 random facts about me. Huh… Let’s see… 1.)    Once I stopped wearing nail polish for 23 years because I had to work on a cadaver that was wearing the same color I had on. However, I’m back on the nail polish train, and it careens wildly out of control whenever Ulta has a sale. […]

We’ve got a couple new Wednesday bloggers – Tess Grant and Kellie St. James are joining us and you can check out their posts – Kellie’s is here and Tess’ is here. And Jess’ is here and Leigh’s is here. So for the five things I can’t live without, I’m strictly sticking to things – […]