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  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned things from our parents–some intended and some…not so much. 10.) If you want a piece of machinery to work better, you need to swear loudly and profusely at it. I’ve seen this demonstrated with boat motors, tractor engines, combines, arc welders, and gas grills. I’ve used […]

It’s time for another 5 Words or Less post… My Past – Learning Experiences, Challenges, Loss, Love My Present – Change, Risks, Laughter, Growth, Love My Future – UK/Ireland, Travel, Peace, Adventure, Love Be sure to click the names to see the other bloggers’ 5 Words or Less post. Jess Paige Jessica Kellie Kris

  My Style: Comfortable, Hippie, Flowy, Bohemian, Jewelry-Whore (Whatever. It’s a hyphenate. It counts as one.) My Looks: Fat, Low Maintenance, T-Rex Arms My Personality: Laid Back, Friendly, Quirky, Silly That’s pretty much the nutshell version of me, but I have to admit, this was harder than I would have anticipated. I’m curious to see what everyone else […]

I’m not sure is this is other bloggers in general or the Wednesday Random bloggers, so I’m going with the Wednesday Random bloggers since they’re some of my very best friends. I’m not using descriptors like kind or caring or supportive or any of those things, because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be my friends. 🙂 […]

    Let’s see…it’s time for another Five Words or Less Post.  I’m currently writing two stories, so I’m gonna do both.   WIP: Darkling Night, pissed off faeries WIP: Untitled, music composition, lost chances   Characters: Devon, Jonah, Mellie, Fake-Mellie, Thorn Characters: Morgan, James, Tris, Rory,   Setting: high school, woods, winter, inbetween Setting: […]

  It’s time for another Five Words or Less post. This month, we’re talking our blogs, our fiction, and our creative process. My Blog – haven’t missed post since 1/14 My Fiction – quirky characters, emotional, natural dialogue (I hope) My Creative Process – shower faery, trust the story I’m excited to read the other […]

  This is a new feature this year. We sum up our topics in five words or less.   Myself – Quirky, Creative, Distracted, Caring, Enthusiastic   My Life – Chaotic, Happy, Busy, Surprising, Fulfilling   My Family – Loving, Hilarious, Supportive, Weird, Irreplaceable   I’m anxious to see what words the other bloggers picked. […]