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Well-written dialogue is probably my favorite thing about both reading and writing. And it’s something all of my favorite authors have in common. The best dialogue, IMO, is natural sounding–not just to the time period the story is set, but also to the characters themselves. Anyone who’s ever had me edit a book for them […]

Okay, so this is a topic we’ve touched on before, and unless you’re really new here, you already know that I am the Pantsiest Panster Who Ever Pantsed™. Since my process hasn’t really changed, and in an attempt not to rehash previous posts, I thought I’d lay out my process with my latest release, Rewritten, Book […]

So, my writing hopes and aspirations are pretty simple. I’m not looking to hit lists or become a millionaire, I’d just like to: To make enough to support myself by writing full-time–not that I don’t genuinely love my other jobs, but…this is the dream, people. To write stories that provide people with an enjoyable escape […]

Advice is a lot like music. Or styles of underwear. Use what works for you, and leave the rest behind. Obviously, I can’t tell you what’ll work for you, I can only share what’s worked for me, but look around. You might find something you like. Try it on. See how it fits. If you […]