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Conversation overheard thanks to the wonders of Skype and broken headphones/mic rig. Corwin: (also known as my son)  *playing some kind of elaborate Minecraft mod that allows players to be werewolves and vampires, and have spouses and children* Corwin’s Friend: You procreated. What’s your kid’s name? Corwin: Phillip. *pauses a beat* My son! Look at my […]

I feel like the story I’m about to tell you is some kind of karmic retribution for inadvertently terrifying Jenny Trout’s young daughter last Christmas. I was told by a reliable source (Jen’s cousin D-Rock) that Jen’s daughter, Wednesday, would be gone the day I wanted to fire the latest salvo in my and Jen’s ongoing […]

There are some days that there isn’t nearly enough caffeine in the world for me to deal with my son Corwin’s relentless morning person personality. Today is one of those days. Me: *guzzles coffee and drives in bleary silence toward the school* Corwin: Speaking of dick jokes… Me: *blinks* Me: *blinks some more* Me: But…we weren’t… Corwin: We […]

I love my children more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone, but holy hell, some days all I can do is blink. And then get another cup of coffee. I also need to preface this exchange by saying that this kid is so incredibly smart, but some days, the lack of […]