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It’s time for another top ten post, and this month is quotes. In our house, we quote stuff allllllll the time.  Also, this is probably going to be more than top ten–it might even be top ten from each thing I quote regularly. Top Ten Labyrinth Quotes:  10. ) “Say your right words.” 9.) “Goblin […]

It’s time for another Musical Musings, and this month, the subject is songs that remind me of my parents, my sibling(s), and my childhood. This should be fun! Also, I’m guessing it’ll be long. Because music. And family. You’ve been warned. We’ll start with my dad. When my parents split, there were the weekend visits […]

Conversation overheard thanks to the wonders of Skype and broken headphones/mic rig. Corwin: (also known as my son)  *playing some kind of elaborate Minecraft mod that allows players to be werewolves and vampires, and have spouses and children* Corwin’s Friend: You procreated. What’s your kid’s name? Corwin: Phillip. *pauses a beat* My son! Look at my […]

Continuing our new feature, Musical Musings, we’re sharing songs that make us feel hopeful, feel happy or make us cry. Okay, so starting with a song that make me feel hopeful. Unless this is your first time on the blog, I feel like you’ll pretty much be expecting this first one. My Shot is from the Hamilton […]