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Morning conversation with Corwin… Corwin: *puts in a Billy Joel CD and immediately skips to only the Good Die Young* Us: *singing along* Corwin: You know…now, every time I hear a sax solo in any song, I can’t help but think of that guy from The Lost Boys. Me: HA! Corwin: I don’t think anyone […]

There are some days that there isn’t nearly enough caffeine in the world for me to deal with my son Corwin’s relentless morning person personality. Today is one of those days. Me: *guzzles coffee and drives in bleary silence toward the school* Corwin: Speaking of dick jokes… Me: *blinks* Me: *blinks some more* Me: But…we weren’t… Corwin: We […]

So, I think that Corwin is well on his way to becoming a Joelist. I think Jenny Trout would be proud. His CD of choice for the ride to school this week is a Billy Joel mix that the lovely Kayleigh Jones made. Today, he decided that we were going listen to Big Shot and […]

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a RiCwB update – mostly because I’m no longer the car pool mom, and it’s just me and Corwin in the morning. And we’re usually cranky. And tired. And this morning, we were late as fuck.  So this conversation happened. Me: Damnit, Corwin. School starts in three […]

Killian and Justin have been anxiously awaiting (read: obsessively checking the calendar and complaining that they’re bored) the arrival of Diablo 3. So, I took them to the release, dropped them off and did last minute shopping for Corwin’s DC field trip. Now, there’s something a little disconcerting about grocery shopping at 11 pm. The […]