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I just now realized that it’s National Coming Out Day. I’ve been mostly head down with work all day today, to the actual date slipped my notice. Also, I’ve been operating under the assumption that today was Monday. However, Jenny Trout publicly disabused me of that notion like a good friend does. But today is […]

So, this week’s post is supposed to be a brain dump of what’s on my mind. Considering my brain is an endless loop of dialogue snippets, song lyrics and half-remembered tasks, I can’t promise you a lot of cohesion. Or probably any, really. Welp, here goes… I just noticed that the cats are sleeping on […]

Morning conversation with Corwin… Corwin: *puts in a Billy Joel CD and immediately skips to only the Good Die Young* Us: *singing along* Corwin: You know…now, every time I hear a sax solo in any song, I can’t help but think of that guy from The Lost Boys. Me: HA! Corwin: I don’t think anyone […]

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a RiCwB update – mostly because I’m no longer the car pool mom, and it’s just me and Corwin in the morning. And we’re usually cranky. And tired. And this morning, we were late as fuck.  So this conversation happened. Me: Damnit, Corwin. School starts in three […]