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Musical Musings is a new feature this year where we’ll blog about some of our favorites and not-so-favorites. This  month, the topics are: Song that Makes Me Want to Dance, Song that I Love to Sing Along With, and Favorite Soundtrack. Song that Makes Me Want to Dance – this one is super easy. Rusted Root’s […]

So, this week’s post is supposed to be a brain dump of what’s on my mind. Considering my brain is an endless loop of dialogue snippets, song lyrics and half-remembered tasks, I can’t promise you a lot of cohesion. Or probably any, really. Welp, here goes… I just noticed that the cats are sleeping on […]

It’s another Photo Flash Fiction Monday. Being that it’s a holiday in the States, today, I’m not sure if anyone else will be posting. But here’s a quick short from me today. “We’ve arrived, Captain. There are no signs of life.” The intercom crackled, preceding his commanding officer’s response.”Are you sure we’re at the right […]