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  Pullo and Vorenus are getting their 15 minutes of fame for the whole killing everyone in the arena thing, but Pullo misses most of his because he’s recuperating in the hospital and when he hears he’s all kinds of popular, he leaves in what I can only assume is the Roman equivalent of AMA […]

Content Warning: Self Harm Okay, so this episode was utterly brutal and made my heart hurt. Caesar is making Cicero and Brutus publicly endorse him at the senate. Side note: It seems like moderate levels of interpretive dance are incorporated into any sort of public speaking. Even Vorenus does it while he’s giving impromptu election […]

Content Warning: Suicide, sexual assault, and incest.  So…this episode got pretty dark. It opens with Cato and the other dude in some town in Africa. They’re talking and Cato tells other dude he should make his peace with Caesar, and the other dude says he’ll do whatever Cato does. This is…unfortunate. Because Cato goes into […]

Okay, so Caesar and the 13th head over to Alexandria to visit with King Ptolemy and his advisors, and as soon as I saw Ptolemy, I immediately stated having flashbacks to doing daycare, and the child I’ll call The Young Prince – actually, even his mother called him that in this bizarrely overindulgent sort of […]

Vorenus and Pullo survive the storm that drowned most of the 13th Legion and end up on what basically amounts to a sandbar in the Aegean (I think, but I’m super bad at geography) Sea. They’re both prepared to die (and Pullo is very sweetly pondering seeing his mother again in heaven) when Vorenus spots a […]

So, Pompey and Caesar’s forces are fighting in Greece, Antony is holding down the fort in Rome and basically being his d-bag self and making what some consider to be questionable decisions. (I feel certain the naked slaves fighting with real weapons as part of his sexytimes games fall into that camp.) Atia, in addition […]

There’s a lot going on in this episode, but I’m going to do my best to sum up. Basically, Atia is continuing to be the schemeiest person who ever schemed and is wildly disappointed when she discovered that her teenaged son hadn’t  had sex with Caesar in the closet. She then sets him up with sword […]

Okay, so you know that title that mentions Naked James Purefoy? Well…there’s literally Naked James Purefoy. Be advised as you scroll.  So,  the treasury gold is still missing, everyone’s pissy at Pompey for leaving the city. Pompey’s son, Quintus the Douchebag is sent off to torture the location of the gold out of whoever it seems like […]