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Content Warning: Rape (again) Rome is getting rough, you guys, and I have serious concerns for (and about) these people! Okay, so everyone is preparing for war. Brutus and Cassius and their 14 legions are headed to try to wrest Rome back from Octavian while Octavian and Antony are trying to figure out the best […]

  Pullo and Vorenus are getting their 15 minutes of fame for the whole killing everyone in the arena thing, but Pullo misses most of his because he’s recuperating in the hospital and when he hears he’s all kinds of popular, he leaves in what I can only assume is the Roman equivalent of AMA […]

Content Warning: Self Harm Okay, so this episode was utterly brutal and made my heart hurt. Caesar is making Cicero and Brutus publicly endorse him at the senate. Side note: It seems like moderate levels of interpretive dance are incorporated into any sort of public speaking. Even Vorenus does it while he’s giving impromptu election […]