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We just watched the last episode of the series. I wish the show could have gone for the entire five seasons as planned. Okay, so this episode begins after the battle between Antony and Octavian. Antony has been beaten for the first time in his life. And he reflects that defeat isn’t quite as awful […]

So, Marc Antony has settled in with Cleopatra, they’ve had a couple of kids together, he’s developed an impressive opium habit (as has Posca), he’s taken to wearing a lot of kohl, henna, and silks, and he’s busy impressing…intimidating…impressidating dignitaries from Rome by having a slave dress up in a deer skin and pretending to […]

I can’t even with this show, you guys. Octavian has put out the call to his flunkies to find him a wife. I think there were the usual provisos: noble family, attractive, and my personal favorite, proven fertility. The chick his boy found for him meets all these criteria. Too bad she’s all kinds of […]

Things are getting even worse in Rome. Octavian, Antony, and that other dude whose name I can never remember divide up the Roman Empire between them. And Antony accepts a giant gift (read: bribe) from Herod. Posca, Caesar’s former slave is pissed when he doesn’t get a share, so he rats out Antony to Octavian […]

Content Warning: Rape (again) Rome is getting rough, you guys, and I have serious concerns for (and about) these people! Okay, so everyone is preparing for war. Brutus and Cassius and their 14 legions are headed to try to wrest Rome back from Octavian while Octavian and Antony are trying to figure out the best […]

Okay, so Octavian’s army beat Antony’s and now Octavian heads to Cicero and demands a Triumph. Cicero is like “Nah…” so Octavian is like “Fine, then appoint me as the consul. I promise to listen to all your super worldly advice.” You can practically see him making “innocent eyes” at Cicero. Cicero is like, “Fine, […]

Content Warning: Rape and Extreme Violence Okay, so last week, the episode closed with Atia’s kitchen servant carrying a big ol tureen of poison stew to the dining room. But in this episode, we see that the servant sneaks a taste. Once, she’s served the stew to Atia, Atia decides that what she’d really like […]

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Multilation This is going to be a real quick rundown because it’s the morning this post goes live, and I have a metric fuckton of client edits on my plate and a book of my own that needs finishing, so quick and dirty – not unlike Rome, itself. Things are continuing […]

The Aventine has gone to hell. Everyone is robbing everyone and beating the shit out of everyone and Vorenus is sitting in his bed staring at Erastes decaying head and grieving Niobe and the kids while Titus and Eriene take care of him. Marc Antony is getting ready for Cleopatra’s arrival, listening to Atia complain, […]

Welp, Season Two started with a bang and I feel fairly certain I won’t remember any of this in the right order, but Caesar’s dead, Antony is shock and before he can quite deal with that, Pompey’s son Quintus and some of his buddies try to take out Antony, too. Antony goes to Atia’s. Atia […]