Bronwyn Green

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Last week, this text exchange happened. Husband: Do you know Kaylin Peyerk? (includes link to this book.) Me: No… Should I? Husband: I thought maybe she was in your writers group. Me: Nope. Is she local? Husband: She’s (his coworker’s) girlfriend, and her book just came out. Me: Cool. Guess I’m getting a new book […]

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with book news, so let me fix that. First off, I’m delighted to share that I’ve gotten all of my rights back from previous publishers! As I go through and re-edit (and likely add to the stories) I’ll be republishing them. And I’ve already released the first of the […]

This week, the Wednesday Random bloggers are blogging about some of our favorite book covers. Let the parade of covers begin! In no particular order, some of my favorites are: I love the simple beauty of this cover – the colors, the delicate swirls, the glow, the slightly out of focus font. I love this […]