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So, I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve got my rights back to some older stories, and I’ll be re-releasing them over the course of the next year or so. I’ve already released The Charmed Collection, but I wanted to get one more collection out before the end of the year, so I was searching for potential cover art models.

I was also doing it while I was on the phone with Jess who has the same thing going on with re-releases.

This is just a sampling of why you should probably be glad you’re not Jess.


“Why are you swinging a bottle, sir? That’s dangerous.” 

“God, quit smiling already, and get off the blonde.”

Don’t put your penis on the sauna bench!”

“I don’t want to watch you put on deodorant.”

“What is is even going on here?”

“You’re super hot, but I think I already have you on a book cover.”

“Why do guys keep holding magnifying glasses in front of their mouths? Why is this a thing?”

“Why are you hiding in a closet??? Is this a metaphor???”

“Why do you have a sportsball in the house?”

“Why do you look like Ryan Seacrest? Stop that. No one should look like that—not even Ryan Seacrest.”

“You, sir, not only look like a creeper, you look like a surprised creeper.”

“I did not ask for gingers. Or chicks.”

“That guy literally looks like the letter V.”

“I did not ask for this. At all.”

“Check this dude. I feel like he’s tying to sparkle like Edward Cullen.”

“No! You don’t wear heels in the forest, lady!”

“I call this one ‘Pensive Hipster’.”

2 thoughts on “Things I said the other day while searching for cover art.

  1. Alex Kourvo says:

    LOLOLOL. I can picture this perfectly. Also, I’ve said variations of these kinds of things while looking at stock art sites. It’s easy to ignore the wacky ones, but the ones that are alllllmost suitable, but not quite, are very frustrating!

    1. admin says:

      YES! So frustrating!

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