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This week, we’re talking about when we realized we wanted to be writers. I wrote this a while ago, for another blog, but my answer hasn’t changed, so I’m reposting it here.  When I was 8, my parents got divorced (hang with me, people – I promise this isn’t going to be a tale of […]

I’m a Gemini, and I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I’m a “classic Gemini”  –  whatever that means. One of them, was my Aunt Malita, and really she’s a Gemini, too, so…biased But, supposedly, the positive traits of Gemini are as follows. Easy-Going and Want to Enjoy Every Moment.  – This is […]

What’s your favorite word?  – I can’t pick just one…bother, preternatural, ethereal, sleep. What’s your least favorite word? Moist, phlegm, pus, NASCAR. What turns you on? – A good sense of humor, intelligence, a guy’s strong hands and forearms (What? Like I wasn’t gonna get a little shallow here!?) oh, and musicians. Love a guy who […]

That’s a good question, because dude…sometimes motivation is hard. Really hard In all truth…I’m motivated by deadlines. Hard deadlines. The kind I can shove back and delay don’t really do it for me.  I need something firm, with serious consequences if I don’t finish the project. Also, I’m motivated by the story. If it’s something […]

When I was writing Surfacing, I had to create a playlist to help drown out everything else so I could finish the damn book. And this week, on Wednesday Randomness, we just happen to be talking about playlists, so I’m going to share this one! It’s called: Music to Finish this Fucking Book Why, yes…I […]

This is my current super power. As you can see, it helps no one.  But if I could choose a super power, it would be the ability to travel wherever I wanted without the use of planes, trains or automobiles. Just *poof* and I’d be there. Me, my luggage, my friends and family – just […]

Okay, I’m guessing I just can’t say ALL THE FOOD and be done with it. These aren’t things I indulge in everyday, for obvious reasons. But they’re things I love. Cheese. I. Love. Cheese. Goat cheese, gouda, smoked gouda sharp cheddar, feta, blue, asiago, brie, string, provolone, camenbert – all the cheese. BRING IT. (And […]

This week’s topic for the Random Wednesday bloggers is “What I Need to Write.” The answer is…not that much. For instance, I need: My computer. I *can* write longhand, but I compose more quickly on my laptop, so that’s a must have. A seat along a wall. I have a very difficult time working if […]