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Okay, so it’s the start of the final season – season five. And it’s several years past the end of season four. There’s a meeting of the Round Table, and for some reason, even though Merlin was an original member of the Round Table, he’s not allowed to sit at it anymore. I guess ’cause […]

This is likely going to be a super short recap this week because I’m utterly swamped. But anyway… Despite the fact that the Old Religion is banned in Camelot, they’re having a Beltane feast anyway because nothing says Camelot Abhors Paganism like a good old fashioned celebration of everyone’s favorite fertility rite. During the feast, Greasy […]

The title of this post is, unfortunately, inaccurate. I remembered that she’s in one more episode, but it’s not enough, damn it. Okay, so this episode opens with Gwen getting kidnapped by slavers from the village she was banished to. The slaver is in cahoots with Morgana who’s planning yet another tiresome attack on Camelot. […]

This episode opens with the Arthur, Merlin and the knights in the woods behaving like obnoxious junior high schoolers  and playing Keep Away with with water flasks, and Elyan is thirsty. They continue riding and stumble across a shrine in the forest – there a bits of cloth everywhere tied on ropes and branches, crystals […]

I am really, really not a fan of this episode. I might hate it just as much as last week’s. Actually, I think I hate it even more. So this recap will likely be really short. The basic story line is that Arthur decides that he’s going to propose to Gwen despite the fact that […]

Thanks to Tamsin Frost for this week’s title – because she’s awesome. This is also the one where I want to repeatedly throat punch Lamia just to make her stop talking with that awful, breathy, little girl voice. I know, I know. I’m sounding really violent right now, but I have a horrible headache, and […]

This episode opens with Greasy Agravaine finding and unconscious Morgana in the woods. He tenderly (and also creepily) carries her back to her hovel and nurses her back to health. As she’s recuperating, she comes up with the brilliant plan of having Gaius kidnapped so he can be tortured to reveal who and where Emrys […]

Okay, so Arthur, Merlin and the knights are riding out in some dangerous part of the forest…like you do, when they’re set upon by mercenaries. Merlin gets injured and Arthur saves him, getting separated from the other knights in the process. They have a heart to heart in the woods and spend the night alone […]

This episode starts with something we’ve never seen before and never will again. Merlin. In armor. Not just any armor, but the armor of a knight of Camelot. Is it because Arthur got a clue and realized it’s dangerous for Merlin to be in sketchy situations without the benefit that every other dude who travels […]

Okay, so the episode opens with a troupe of circus type performers arriving in Camelot to celebrate Arthur’s birthday. Merlin’s delighted, but Arthur’s dismissive. He doesn’t have time for silliness like birthdays. But he has to put in an appearance. It’s his party, after all. And even Uther gets his clothes on, brushes him damn […]