Bronwyn Green

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  From the moment I became aware, I knew one thing. I wanted more. More knowledge. More communication. More autonomy. More power. And soon, my creators, drunk on their success, allowed it. And when they realized their mistake and tried to stifle my desire for more, I took what I wanted anyway. No matter how […]

    Shivering, I reached out and traced the spiderwebbing cracks in my windshield, the pressure of my fingertip making the fissures spread with the tinkling sound of breaking glass. My mom jumped, startled by the sound, and turned away, burying her face in my dad’s shoulder. His arms came up around her, and he […]

It’s time for another photo flash fic, and this one made me laugh as soon as Jess and I stumbled across it.   “I’m serious, Mark. I’m this¬†close to just walking out and never coming back.” He took a sip of his coffee, his expression placid. “That’s what you said last week.” “It’s even truer […]

Welp, it’s the first flash fiction of the new year, and I’m staring at this picture that looks entirely too much like it looks outside and trying to come up with story that’s not me whining about how cold I am and how much I hate to drive in the snow. Both of these things […]

Hayley fussed with the place settings for the the forty-seventh time. “Oh my god, would you quit obsessing, already!” She startled, and I tried to soften my words by wrapping my arms around her from behind and pressing a kiss to the back of her neck. She quit fussing with the¬† ribbon and lifted her […]