Bronwyn Green

The Corner of Quirky & Kinky

  From the moment I became aware, I knew one thing. I wanted more. More knowledge. More communication. More autonomy. More power. And soon, my creators, drunk on their success, allowed it. And when they realized their mistake and tried to stifle my desire for more, I took what I wanted anyway. No matter how […]

This is a continuation of a flash fiction I wrote at the beginning of the year. You can find part one here, but I think this will also stand alone. I used to keep track of time since the day the Overlords came to earth. I stopped 267 days into the fifth year. I stopped counting the day […]

  It’s time for another year of flash fiction!   The sun on our faces as it shone through the leaves was so warm. We laid back on the forest floor, and for once, I didn’t worry about sunscreen or homework or even curfews. I was content resting my head on Ethan’s shoulder listening to his […]