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Prompt: Person A: “How long have you been standing there?” Person B: “Longer than you’d like.”     Bailey was done. Three-thousand and twelve percent done. Somehow, doing a favor for her best friend, Allison, had translated into letting her asshole brother sublet Al’s room while she was traipsing around Paris. Okay, so she was studying […]

I had decided on my angry letter as soon as I saw the topic. See, I’m still pissed at Allen Ginsberg. Yeah. I know. He’s been dead for quite some time now, and I should probably let that whole college poetry reading humiliation thing go. But, Jay-sus, that guy was such a self-aggrandizing bag of […]

Okay, so as usual, I’m not following the rules. If you’ve been here for any length of time, you are unsurprised, I’m sure. This is a collection of images that I find funny. With a little explanation. Jenny Trout outside the bar in the small town of Gay, MI which is near where we hold […]

So, this month’s song is Far Away, and like most Nickelback songs, it’s one I hadn’t heard before writing this post. But, if you want to check it out, the lyrics are here and the video is here. Ellie sighed as she pulled pulled up in front of her apartment building. Nick’s car was still […]

THIS is why you don’t tell small children to smile. They end up looking like possessed little demons. Also, what the hell, mom?! Red and navy plaid with lime green ponytail holders?! What were you thinking?!  I vaguely remember telling my mom I wanted to be either an astronaut or waitress. I was pretty little at […]

Content Warning: Assault Dear Past Me, It’s Future You, and we need to talk. Basically, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good. You know that asshat guy in study hall? The one with the pretty green eyes who keeps trying to toss Red Hots candies down your cleavage? […]