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So, I’m recapping here because I can’t use the actual texts since you know…personal information and all. But anyway, Cait sent me an image of this check she wrote to my mom with the hashtag, #achievementunlocked. She owed my mom for some student loan payments my mom made when Cait’s bank was being shitty about […]

Some background on ┬áthis text you’re about to see: ┬áMy family’s nickname for me is T-Rex because my arms are short and I can’t reach shit. In fact, when I need something on an upper shelf, I yell, “T-Rex needs help!” and someone who’s taller than me needs to come reach stuff down for me. […]

I know, you’re all frantically checking your calenders to see if somehow you’d missed Prince William and Kate’s wedding. Nope – there was actually a better wedding this year. My baby brother Andrew got married Saturday. There was the usual wedding amusement. My nieces Madelynn and Lexi were the flower girls and Madelynn decided to […]