Bronwyn Green

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Chilled mist pressed in on all sides, dampening her clothes and clinging to her skin and sending shivers skating down her spine as the cold and clamminess enveloped her. The last of the autumn leaves fluttered to the ground, falling nearly as quietly as the whispers around her–the whispers that seethed through the air as […]

Eric stared at the TV hanging from the ceiling in the local sports bar and grill. He was supposed to meet his date at seven-thirty, but he’d gotten here early. He’d wanted to get his pre-date jitters out. And he was nervous. He really liked this woman–Amelia. They’d been chatting online for weeks and for the […]

This month’s song fic is inspired by James Bay’s Need the Sun to Break. Here are the lyrics and video if you want to check them out. I hadn’t heard this song previously, but I really love it. And fair warning, this is probably going to be a really short fic, because as much as […]

“Come on,” Anna snapped. “We’re already running late.” He darted through the door behind her, and she gasped, stopping dead. Of course, Max hadn’t really been paying attention and ran into her, jostling her forward. She turned around and glared at him, but he shook it off. Like that was anything new lately. His gaze was drawn back […]

Today’s flash fiction is inspired by one of my favorite songs, A Mháire Bhruinneal, by the wonderful, Susan McKeown. Here are the lyrics, in case you read Irish. They’ve also been loosely translated to English for us monoglots. If you want to listen, here’s the song that I love so much. David pulled his knit hat […]

It’s time for another Promptly Penned. The prompt will be in bold in the story. “I’m back.” Jasper Nolan peered into the family room where his little sister, Junie, was hanging out with a couple of her friends watching The Fault in Our Stars, or maybe, it was The Last Song, for what had to […]

The lake gently lapped against the rocks lining the pier, and I closed my eyes and leaned back against the sun-warmed metal of the lighthouse, tilting my face toward the sky. Normally, I wouldn’t have ventured this far out on the pier. Currents in the huge lake changed constantly, often making it treacherous. But today, […]