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That’s right! My girl Sommer is back, and she’s got a brand new book out! Check out this blurb, and we’ve got a super NSFW excerpt coming up after the interview.

A dark secret keeps Bishop Kelly unattached and closed off. She has only one persistent friend, and now she’s moving away from him.

Running her online fitness group from a borrowed professor’s home in Constantine Falls, New York, seems like any other life decision. There’s no one to consult and no one who has her back. Life is what it is – a solo gig.

Bishop isn’t expecting a strange local, Finn “Honey” Sinclair, to jump start her memories, her  desire, and her heart. He has his own intense history that haunts him. In the heart of this oddly quaint town, Bishop is suddenly learning that even in the midst of unexpected loss, there can be inexplicable gain.

Love that cover, now, let’s find out what’s happening with Sommer.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Chaos. I get up whenever the Bearded Giant gets up (except for the mornings I can’t drag my ass out of bed). I make coffee for me, tea for he, then I hop around and check all my online stuff with cup number one. Cup number two is the reading cup. It builds reading time into my day because it might be all I get.

The Bearded Giant usually leaves for work somewhere between cup one and cup two. I finish the coffee and begin to do the things. Specifically, if it’s M-F I work out. Some insane workout, often followed by a run. Then it’s a shower, take pics for my Instagram daily book post, then some stuff around the house. I usually realize what time it is, panic, shove all my stuff in my messenger bag, put my crap in the car, and my butt usually goes to the ‘office’ which is the café. Writing time ensues for a few hours.

After that, it’s usually home to get stuff done, see my people, eat the foods, and whatever else we get up to.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

At about four years old. I’m stubborn. I stick with my goals.

What made you realize you wanted to write romance?

I was accidentally good at it in an offbeat way. Some of the romances I’ve read, I could never write. Ever. But my kind of romance, my kind of characters…somehow it worked not just for me, but for readers.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Surviving the curve balls life has thrown at me. There have been some doozies. Still here. Still kicking.

Do you have any collections?

Dangerous question. I have a huge collection of vintage 70s, 80s, and 90s horror paperbacks. And I’m still hunting them down. Pyrex…retro kitchenalia in general, funky T-shirts and leggings, and just plain oddities. Our house is like the funkiest junk/antique store ever.

Do you have any hobbies?

Haunting thrift stores, junk shops, used book stores, and road tripping.

Do you have any bad habits?

I burn the candle at both ends (and sometimes the middle) and wonder why I’m tired. I’d say slacking on self-care is my worst habit.

Do you have any pet peeves?

People who cannot remove their heads from their asses. We seem to have a glut of those lately.

Are there any skills you’d like to learn?

Knitting/crocheting. Someone taught me to crochet once. I made one lopsided scarf and promptly forgot what I was taught. Gone! 100%

What are some of your writing goals?

To get back to the prolific ways I had a few years back. I was fast and I was motivated. Life changed and I changed with it. In some ways for the better, but man, I miss the speed and constant chatter in my head to start the next book.

What are three of your best writing tips?

  • If you write, you’re a writer.
  • If it’s chattering to you and won’t shut up, write it down ASAP. Don’t think you’ll remember it. You might not.
  • You’re going to have negative self-talk in your head. Tune it out, put your head down, and write anyway. Don’t believe everything you think.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you listen to?

No! All I’d do is sing. I let the TV chatter in the background. More often than not, it’s Supernatural on reruns.

What’s your favorite word?


What’s your least favorite word?


What’s your favorite curse word?


What sound do you love?

The sound of my family carrying on and laughing.

What sound do you hate?

There’s a beagle in my neighborhood who stays outside 24/7 once the weather is decent. He bays constantly. Con-stant-ly.

Dog or cat person?

Dog! Have you seen my Oyvie? Yes? I’ll attach a picture anyway!

City or country?

On the line.

Morning or night person?


Get things done early or procrastinate?

I don’t have “expert procrastinator” in my bio by accident, my friend.

Introvert or extrovert?

An extroverted introvert. I am truly an introvert. I enjoy people and like to be around them, but for limited amounts of time and then I need a massive recharge alone or with just my people.

What do you like best about writing?

That I can create something from nothing.

What do you like least?

The synopsis. Ugh.

If you were a book, which book would you be and why?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Mainly because I keep trying to learn how to not give a fuck.

What was your favorite childhood book?

Bruce’s Loose Tooth. It had a string than ran through the entire book.

What are your favorite kinds of stories to tell?

Scary, funny, and sexy.

What are your favorite kinds of books to read?

Horror, thriller, mystery.

You’ve had a lot going on in your life, and it’s been a while since you’ve published. How does it feel to put new work out in the world?

Amazing. And a little scary. I was afraid people had forgotten me. This business is very go-go-go. If you don’t stay super prolific you can become irrelevant. For the last few years I’ve only been doing short fiction. Luckily, readers hadn’t forgotten me and I’ve founds some brand-new ones. I’m a little relieved and very grateful!

What do you like best about Bishop?

That she feels no pressure to be “on” for people or change anything about herself for anyone.

What do you like best about Honey?

His self-awareness and deeply buried kindness.

Are there other characters in your story that you’re especially fond of? Why?

All of them, really. Most people who read me know that I do not write books with a ton of characters or a lot of moving parts. I’m very character focused in my novels. If a person is in the book, I like them for some reason. Even if it’s not evident at first.

Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to write? If so, how?

In a lot of ways, the whole book was difficult. It was my first new novel after losing my husband in 2014. I have a brand-new life now. I have a wonderful boyfriend and he has a son and my kids love both of them. We’ve created a new family unit. I have a second chance at living. I’m a very lucky person. I think, no matter what, there will always be some survivor’s guilt with that.  

There are some elements to the book—Honey’s loss, his mother’s recent loss, and Bishop’s past along with her current fears of loss—that were difficult to write without sinking into them completely. I think that’s why it took so long to write. I had to go slow and attack it at different angles. Then special dates (anniversary, birthday, anniversary of death) would come up and I’d put the book on hold for a week or two. Once, I put it aside for an entire month. It usually takes me 6-8 weeks to write a book. This one took almost a year, I believe.

Loss and hope are big in this book. For a dirty book, it has its deep moments, I guess. This book was as good as a few months of therapy, I think.

If you were to cast your book as a movie, who would you choose to play your characters?

I am terrible at this game. It’s not how my brain works at all. But I would love to hear how the people who have read the book would cast the characters. That would be amazing!

What’s up next for you?

All fingers and toes crossed, I have a horror/dark fiction novella currently under consideration with a bucket list publisher (under a different name) and I’ve been focusing some of my time on writing in that genre. However, after seeing the reaction to Honey, and seeing some of the reviews (yes! I admit it! Curiosity got to me. Usually, I don’t read any at all, but it’s been so long and I have no self-control), I’m thinking I’d like to go ahead and start brainstorming another erotic novel. Which thrills me. Feeling that spark again.

What would you most like readers to know about you and your books?

That I appreciate every single interaction online. Every comment on Facebook or response on Twitter. That I am truly grateful to everyone who buys my work, reads it, reviews it, messages me about it, recommends it, or just talks about it. Writing can be a solitary thing. You can often feel like you’re shouting into the darkness. So, when someone peeks their head in and says, “Hey, I just read fill in the blank and I loved it!” that can bring a lot of light to the darkness. Every book is written with love and passion. Every book is a piece of me.

Everything in the above interview are just a few of the reasons I adore the fuck out of Sommer Marsden. Oh, and remember that super NSFW excerpt I promised you? Well, here it is!

…A creak on the steps. She sat up. Bishop reached for the closest thing, which was not her phone. Sadly, it was charging on the small table by the window. What was closest was a weighted exercise bar. She got up on her knees, keeping herself away from the door, ready and armed.

The muzzle came into view first, and a flash of terror mixed with confusion lanced through her. Then the thing turned and looked at her—vibrant blue eyes, fake but vibrant, the fur a mix of salt and pepper. A growl emanated from it, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.

“How’s this, Pennsylvania? Now you don’t have to look at my face.”

He advanced, and she considered swinging the baton. Almost did. Then she thought better of it. She was enraged but also turned on. Her body beat with a fast and heavy lust that was only a split second from being full on panic. Her blood felt too thick, her veins too full, her body too heavy, like gravity was working overtime.

“Like it?”

“No?” she said, catching the fact that she nodded as she said the word.

He laughed from inside the mask, and the timbre of it sent a shiver shockwave up her spine. A fine sweat had settled atop her skin, leaving her feeling both hot and clammy at the same time, like she had a fever. And yet, between her thighs, her pussy beat hot and heavy in time with her heart.

“You should go,” she managed. She licked her lips and let the baton fall a bit. It was getting heavy, and her biceps twitched with the effort of being on red alert and holding something that dense. Her head was buzzy, and her heart rate still hadn’t managed to come down.

He advanced, and she felt her pussy contract—empty but eager. She felt on the verge of orgasm despite the fact that he was in the doorway and hadn’t even touched her.

“Should I?” He unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down.

She tried to look away—wanted to look away—but she also knew damn well she wanted him. Whatever this was, whatever fucked up game they were playing, it was in her wheelhouse. She didn’t know how she felt about that, but she’d figure it out later. For now, she had to figure out how to get what she wanted—him —and still save face.

“You should. But if you don’t, I warn you, when you come at me, I will fight you.”

“Because you want to say no?” he asked, taking another step. He had his cock out in his big rough hand and was stroking it.

Another spasm deep inside her. Another small blip of pleasure that made her feel like she’d come the moment he laid a finger on her.

“Because I want to say yes.”

That earned another laugh from the big bad wolf. He moved fast, faster than Bishop anticipated. His body hit her hard enough to knock the wind out of her but not hard enough to actually hurt her. He had her on her belly, pinned, his lean hips straddling hers. “I know you’re strong, Pennsylvania. I wouldn’t expect anything less than a fight. Even if you want it.”

She could feel his hard cock riding the small of her back, and she shut her eyes against a wave of anticipation mixed with anxiety.

“Off,” she grunted, bucking her hips up and back. He rocked, slid a little, but still managed to stay on top of her.

Finn gathered a handful of her hair and tugged. Pain lanced through her scalp, and his cock twitched, hard and hot, against her skin. She cried out, bucked again and managed an elbow up and into his side. A lucky shot, given her angle, but it landed and did the job. He grunted, and when his center of gravity was off, she managed to toss him so he slid to her right. She scrambled up onto her knees, her oversized tee bunching around her hips. She didn’t have any panties on and that realization slammed her with arousal and fear in equal measure.

He reached out and grabbed her thigh, and hooking his hand through it, he pulled her toward him fast and hard, and she lost her balance. She splayed atop him, chest to chest, face to face, his wolf chin rapping her cheekbone.

Finn grabbed her hair again, wrenching her head back. His mask was askew and his mouth came down on her neck, a desperate, hot, aggressive kiss that was almost not a kiss at all. Mouth turned to teeth. He bit her hard enough to make her gasp then raked his teeth across the thumping spot of flesh.

His other hand was at the small of her back, so strong and hard, it was like an iron bar. “Glad you’re in, Bishop. It’s never fun to wrestle with just yourself and your own demons. Always more fun to have a good knockdown, drag out fight with someone else and theirs.”

He pulled her hair, and his fingers dug into her back. She growled, trying to bring a knee up and failing. All the while, his cock lay pressed against her belly. Her pussy grew wetter, with a rush of fluid, whether evoked by want or anxiety she didn’t know. Probably both.

She bumped her hips up to dislodge him and failed. His big hand was splayed between her breasts, and he held her. Her tee rode up even more. He managed to get his jeans down over his hips and thighs, then he pressed himself against her.

“Last chance. Tell me no.”

The wolf mask leered at her, beautiful and aggressive, angry and sleek. It seemed oddly fitting and surreal to hear his voice snaking out of the muzzle.

She bumped her hips again, but it only managed to move him so he could feel her, the heat of her mound. He growled, and her scalp prickled. Even as it did, another rush of moisture slipped from between her thighs. Her pulse pounded in her clit. His fingers found her and slipped inside of her.

“So very juicy, aren’t you? Now how did that happen?”

Now…catch your breath a sec, and click those buy links! I just got my copy!

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Professional dirty word writer, gluten free baker, sock addict, fat wiener dog walker, expert procrastinator. That sums it up.

Sommer Marsden has been called “…one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre” (Violet Blue), “Unapologetic” (Alison Tyler), “…the whirling dervish of erotica” (Craig J. Sorensen),and “Erotica royalty…” (Lucy Felthouse). Her erotic novels include Restricted Release, Restless Spirit, Boys Next Door, and the Zombie Exterminator series. Sommer currently writes for Harper Collins Mischief, Ellora’s Cave, Xcite Books, Pretty Things Press, Excessica and Resplendence Publishing.

You can find Sommer’s short works in well over one hundred and twenty-five (and counting) erotic anthologies.Visit her at Unapologetic Fiction

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Back in January, we did a post about our 2019 goals. I wrote:

I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to put other people’s work before my own. Sometimes, that’s necessary because of agreed upon deadlines, but that’s not always the case. 

So, this year, I’m going to work on valuing my own work as much as I do the work of others. In addition, I’ll be taking time to decompress. I don’t want to burn out. I’ve done it before, and right now, I feel dangerously close to it, again. 

I realize these goals aren’t particularly tangible or quantifiable, like the goals I usually make.  But, right now, I think that’s for the best. 

While I’m not perfect, I’m happy to report that I’ve made huge improvements in making time for my own work and valuing it as much as I do others. And surprise-surprise, I’ve gotten a lot more writing done. Amazing how that works…

I’ve also been making time for self-care which had been sorely lacking during the previous year. So, even though I’m not as far along on my own projects as I’d like to be, I’m definitely farther along than I would be if I’d continued last year’s work habits.

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be farther still.

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Jess * Kris

I think the best fiction, no matter the genre, has moments of beautiful perfect clarity that feel like a palm to the forehead. That flash of recognition mixed with understanding nestled into the page of someone else’s story that helps you see your own world a little more clearly. I love that shit. Seriously.

And to be honest, I almost always find these little gifts in the pages of my favorite authors’ books. But the one that’s stuck with me forever–well over twenty years now–is this little gem from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

“He had noticed that events were cowards: they didn’t occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once.”

I remember exactly where I was when I read it–in a long drive-thru line at a McDonald’s with two hungry, screaming toddlers in the backseat and a dangerously low-level of patience and sanity. I was completely overwhelmed by literally everything because at the time, my life was a shit sundae. And all I could think was, Oh my god…Richard. Richard Mayhew understands me on a spiritual level.

Is that the most profound of all of the lessons I’ve learned? Nah. But it is the first time I’ve ever felt simultaneously called out and supported by a character whose life couldn’t be more different if we tried. To me, those character connections are priceless, and I try to savor them.

Be sure you check out Gwen’s post and see what lesson she learned.

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The brightest LIGHT shines at the end…

Are you ready for the electrifying conclusion of the romance series like no other? 

Angel Payne’s BOLT SAGA, the urban fantasy everyone is talking about, reaches its stunning finale in LIGHT. 

What it’s about:

As Reece and Emma Richards await the biggest miracle of their lives, their anticipation is mixed with apprehension. The Consortium has fallen eerily silent, increasing the couple’s dread about the superpowered chaos being brewed by the cunning Faline and her growing army of brainwashed worshippers.

But the gift of a new life also brings a rush of new hope for the super duo, reconnecting Reece and Emma in ways they never imagined. Soon, the power of love spreads through the rest of Team Bolt. Celebrations are in order, and Faline’s wickedness is eclipsed—until Bolt and Flare are called to help with a bizarre search and rescue beneath LA’s bustling streets.

During the mission, the pair make a discovery that changes everything. As Reece and Emma discover their nemesis’s plans for global domination, they must face off with Faline in one last battle that will test their unity, push their limits, and force them to trust in their greatest power of all: the light of everlasting love.


For your chance to win a signed paperback copy of any BOLT SAGA back list title, respond to this thread with an image or gif your favorite hero in leather, along with any or all of these hashtags: #GetBolted #TeamBolt #BoltSaga #Superheroromance 


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This month’s First Time is all about the First Kiss. I love writing kissing scenes. The intimacy. The need. The trust. *sighs happily* Oh…got carried away a bit. Anyway, this is the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next in DRAWN THAT WAY.

She raised her eyes to his, and all he saw in their depths was need. A raw, aching need he suspected was an exact mirror of his own. His hands slid up her neck to cup her face, and he knew, just as surely as he knew there was no way to stop it, he was about to ignore one of the only limits he’d ever had.


Tris couldn’t tear gaze away from Rory if she wanted to. It wasn’t the way he held her face still in his big hands, his thumbs tenderly brushing across her cheekbones. It wasn’t the way that his eyes constantly dropped to her lips. It wasn’t even that it was painfully obvious that he wanted to kiss her. It was the battle to decide whether or not he was going to do it that played out so clearly on his face.

For the briefest of seconds, she considered closing the distance between them and taking the decision out of his hands, but she quashed that thought. This was his limit. If he was going to disregard it, it needed to be his choice, not hers. The waiting was driving her batty. But it was his desperately whispered “fuck me” as he lowered his head to hers that just about killed her.

His hands still on her face, he pulled her to him, claiming her mouth in an almost brutal kiss. There was nothing tentative about it—just a sense of overwhelming need and desperation. Crushing his lips to hers, he swept his tongue inside, stroking her, tasting her while he splayed his fingers through her hair as he angled her head to kiss her deeper.

Twining her arms around his neck, she pressed her body to his, trapping his hot, hard length between them. There was no way she wasn’t kissing him back. She’d wanted this since he’d said it was off the list. But it was more than wanting something she wasn’t allowed to have. She wanted this connection with him. This intimacy. And she was terrified it would vanish just as quickly and unpredictably as it had arrived.

Her fear worried her. She was becoming far too attached to him. Too attached to someone who’d made it clear he wasn’t interested in anything beyond the physical. She wasn’t going to do something stupid like fall in love with him, but she might very well be developing an unhealthy need.

Before she could think any more about it, he slid one of his hands down her back, pinning her to him and taking her down to the mat. He settled between her legs as he continued to devour her mouth, kissing her with a hunger that shattered her. If he wasn’t holding her so tightly, she was sure all the broken pieces of her body and soul would have flown away already.

She lifted her hips, urging him to fill her. She wanted him inside her while he was kissing her. Preferably before he remembered his limits, came to his senses and stopped. She thought of his one rule. Was she a horrible person for not reminding him of it? Should she? Even as she questioned herself, she rocked against him, again.

If you liked what you read, you can get your own copy in ebook, print, or audiobook!

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So, apparently we fast-forwarded through April??? I didn’t finish everything or get as far as I wanted to. But overall, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished.

These are the things I said I wanted to accomplish:

  • Continue to make daily progress on the WIP. YEP
  • Finish all scheduled blog posts. YEP
  • Finish all scheduled audio preps. YEP
  • Finish all scheduled edits.YEP
  • Finish the remaining Christmas presents. I’m making one for the fourth time, surely that counts for something?
  • Practice good self-care. YEP
  • Finish my newsletter story for Eden Books. I finished the first installment…
  • Work on some more promo graphics. For other people…
  • Work on a marketing plan for the next release. I’ve started it.
  • Finish my taxes. (lolololSOB) Yep. Still sobbing.

Okay, for May, I want to:

  • Continue to make daily progress on the WIP.
  • Finish all scheduled blog posts.
  • Finish all scheduled audio preps.
  • Finish all scheduled edits.
  • Finish the remaining Christmas presents.
  • Practice good self-care.
  • Finish my newsletter story for Eden Books.
  • Work on some more promo graphics.
  • Work on a marketing plan for the next release.
  • See the new musical Jenny Tout is in.
  • See Hosier with my girl, Kayleigh.

I think that’s enough of a list to work through. Be sure to check out Jess’ post and see what she’s up to!

As always, these are in no particular order. Mostly, because it would cause me an undue amount of stress to try to rate them. I have no idea why stuff like that stresses me out. But it does.

10.) I need to restart my morning yoga practice.

9.) I also need to restart my daily walks.

8.) I need to make time to meditate–preferably daily.

7.) I need to answer personal email in a more timely fashion. I’m good with the professional stuff. But, yeah…

6.) I need to set aside time for sewing and actually do it. Fabric Mountain is getting a dangerously huge and unstable.

5.) I need to be better about saying no to things that I have neither the time nor energy to do.

4.) I need to stay on top of classes when I take them.

3.) I’m doing a bit better with balance, but I need to structure my days more efficiently.

2.) I was doing great with water intake for so long, but I’ve slacked off lately. I need to improve that.

1.) I’d like to make a little more time for self-care.

Be sure to check out Gwen’s list, too.

This probably should have been called the “Work Edition” because it’s kind of on my mind constantly–and some of it isn’t even my work.

For instance, last month, my daughter got the job she’d been hoping for working in mental health with at risk kids and young adults. She also asked to be cross trained in the addiction and high acuity units, and she’s loving that, too.

My husband is in the final stages of interviewing for a job that would be a great fit for him–so please, cross your parts, everyone!

And I’ve been working my ass off. Between edits, audio preps and writing, I feel like I’m constantly on my computer, but I’m not bitching. And I feel like I’ve found something that resembles balance.

There will be a new Bound book coming later this year. Plus I’ll be rereleasing an old favorite. And I’ll be expanding a fun project that I did in the lovely Lucy Score‘s group. AND I’m doing a three month long newsletter story for Eden Books, and you can get it by subscribing to the EB newsletter.

Here’s the blurb and the cover if you’d like to check it out!

Bailey Fisher is having a rough start to her week. Thanks to the new roommate from hell, she’s discovered that not only is her laptop missing, but she needs a HAZMAT suit to safely navigate her kitchen. And her morning goes from bad to worse when she realizes that the car she took out her frustration on isn’t her roommate’s. It belongs to the hot guy across the street, and Bailey’s having a terrible, horrible no good very bad day.

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This month, the song fic was inspired by Naughty Boy’s “No One’s Here to Sleep” featuring Dan Smith from Bastille. Here’s the video if you’d like to listen, and here are the lyrics. And the following is an excerpt from one of my WIPs.

“You really didn’t need to bring tacos,” she said, trying to latch on to anything that might distract him from thoughts of last night and her too breathy response.

He laughed. “After hearing you moan about them in your sleep, I’m pretty sure I did.”

Her face heated. That had obviously been the wrong conversational tack. “Now, you’re just exaggerating.”

“Besides,” he continued as if she hadn’t said anything, “what guy doesn’t want to make a beautiful woman’s dreams come true?”

“If only,” she muttered. She quickly closed her eyes as she realized what she’d said, and brought the pop to her lips, somehow managing to swallow several mouthfuls. He was completely silent. Maybe he hadn’t noticed her slip-up. Forcing her eyes open, she froze, trapped in his heated blue gaze.

He took a step forward—not quite standing between her legs, but close. “What else have you been dreaming about, Juniper?”

She moistened her suddenly dry lips, completely unable to form words. He plucked the bottle from her trembling hand and set it aside.

“Want me to tell you what I’ve been dreaming about?”

She whispered, “No,” however, her head bobbled up and down like a child’s toy. She hadn’t wanted to nod, but her body was apparently done listening to her brain.  

He didn’t move any closer, just held her captive with his gaze. “I’ve been dreaming about you.”

Her hands shook, and her breath caught, but she didn’t say anything. She couldn’t speak.

“Every time I managed to fall asleep last night, I dreamt my hands were tangled in your hair, your lips were parted under mine, and you were straddling me.”

Her eyes closed as she remembered the sensation of rocking against his hard cock. Of how wet and needy she’d been for him. Of how she’d wanted more. Even now, knowing that getting involved with him was the last thing she should do, she still wanted it more than she’d ever wanted anything.

“And now that I’m awake,” he continued, taking a step closer, “all I can think about is how to convince you that there’s more than a biological response between us.”

She gripped her cargo shorts with her suddenly clammy hands to keep from grabbing him.

He reached out and traced the neckline of her shirt with his fingertip, the slightly rough touch raising goosebumps on her skin. “I’ve always felt a pull toward you.” His lips lifted in a depreciating smile, and he continued. “Sometimes, during class, I used to convince myself that you felt it, too. That if I wasn’t your student, you’d…”

She waited as long as she could stand for him to finish his sentence—about three-point-five seconds—before blurting, “I’d what?”

His eyes searched hers, as if he were making some kind of decision. And for a terrifying moment, she thought he was going to move away from her. Instead, he cupped her cheeks in his big warm hands, then leaned down and captured her mouth in a sweetly thorough kiss.

That’s is for me, today. Be sure to check out Siobhan’s story, too.