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It’s time for another Promptly Penned post–flash fiction that starts from a word prompt. The prompt will be in bold in the story.   “Motherfucking piece of shit,” Lucy muttered, trying to untangle the thread that had pulled through the other side of the fabric, making it impossible to gather this portion of the ridiculously […]

The prompt will be in bold in the story.    Head pounding, Kat slowly blinked open her eyes and squinted, trying to make out her surroundings. It smelled a little like wet earth and moldering leaves. There was a bare lightbulb in a table lamp across the room–the wire of the bent harp cast odd, […]

CW: Domestic violence, murder Because of the nature of this prompt, it will appear in bold as it occurs in the story rather than at the beginning like usual.   “Just come meet him, Molly. He’s nice, I swear. And besides, Mark will vouch for him.” Molly rolled her eyes. “That’s the same thing you […]

Prompt: “Take a step closer to me and I swear to God, I’ll drop this cake! I’ll do it! Don’t test me!” From the corner of her eye, Laura watched her older sister, Katy, slowly navigate the perimeter of the room, mingling with the twenty or so guests who’d chosen to spend their Saturday here, in […]

Prompt: While cleaning the attic, he/she finds a box of glass balls with names on them. One drops and as it shatters, a person appears.   Fuck my life.  Emily looked around at the mountains of boxes, trunks and bags in the attic. This was not how she’d envisioned her mid-term break. When she’d agreed to stay […]

Prompt: S/he gripped the rim of the porcelain sink and tried to steady her/his hands. “One last time,” s/he whispered to her/himself. “One. Last. Time.” (I owe anyone who reads this an apology. I couldn’t think of anything until my husband made a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad suggestion. And of course, my brain […]