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Today, it’s another Wordless Wednesday post for the Wednesday Random bloggers. I’m going to cheat and use a few words because…It’s my blog. I do what I want.  Also, I feel like some photos need a little explanation.

I do the vast majority of my reading on my tablet. It’s backlit, supremely portable, and I can carry thousands of books with me at any given time. But, I still love print books, and I always will. I have several collections I thought I’d share today.

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I collect fairy tales, Arthurian literature and Brian Froud art books.  This is the book shelf where my fairy tales and Froud books live. And also my comfy reading chair that Morrighan is systematically destroying.

(My house is super cluttered. It’s just the way of things here.)




One summer, I was lucky enough to meet Brian and Wendy Froud, and I got my whole (at the time) collection signed. Also…I might have frightened them a little bit with my collection, but…worth it. He also did a little doodle in every book he signed!




This is the bookcase that holds the Arthurian collection. It was my husband’s grandfather’s who was a lawyer in the late 1800s. There used to be another shelf, but it got destroyed when this beauty got tossed in his family’s attic. We rescued it and it lives with us now. As you can see by all the books shoved in front, I’m rapidly running out of space. There are copies of the complete works of Shakespeare and Chaucer in here. I think I may need to find them new homes. 



This is another cluttered bookshelf in my office.


These are copies of anthologies that I’m in and/or my own print copies. They’re usually on another shelf in my office, but I thought I’d take unbury them and take a nice picture of them. IMG_6060

And I can’t not share my young adult novel.



And you’ll notice that one of these books isn’t mine, but it’s a story I love and part of the series I’m doing with Jess Jarman.



We’re not even going to talk about the other bookshelf in my office or any of the ones upstairs. This is plenty.

Now…what’s on your shelves? Check out what’s on the other bloggers’ shelves by clicking on their names.





0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – On My Bookshelf

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    Right now, this minute, I have nothing on my book shelves. They are all in boxes. I am heading back to Michigan next week. I can’t wait. BUT, if the books were out, you would find the complete Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, Twilight, a shelf of random books signed by the authors. (that is a new shelf and I am surprised at how quickly it is filling up.) I have another book case devoted entirely to my crafting books and magazines. Then there is the book shelf with my DVD collection. The random selves with some classics I just cannot part with like some Zane Grey – Riders of the Purple Sage, Victoria Holt’s Mistress of Mellyn, so Dean Koontz, a Nancy Drew other misc titles. Those are about all I have left. Too many moves in my life to keep the five six foot tall book cases that were stuffed with the Star Trek and Star Wars collections, and lot of other books. Recovering Bibliophile here. Now I just collect e-readers 😀 I have six and they now carry thousands of books. The really neat thing, this move I can carry that entire collection in my purse. I love it. Okay, so a not so recovering bibliophile here. 😀

    1. Bronwyn says:

      Are you moving back to Michigan? Is that why everything is in boxes? I love that you now have an e-reader collection. 😀

      1. Pansy Petal says:

        Yes! I am moving back to Michigan. I frankly find it easier to deal with the cold than the heat. I always knew I was a bit weird, but there you go. BUT . . . maybe I will see you around. Who knows. Small world and all.

        1. Bronwyn says:

          As much as I bitch about winter, I would *much* rather deal with the cold than the heat. You can always put on an extra clothes, but you can’t keep taking them off…

          Let me know when you get settled, maybe we can meet up for lunch, sometime. I’m in GR. 🙂

          1. Pansy Petal says:

            I will keep that in mind. I am about two hours north, in Hart. We leave tomorrow. I am a bit excited.

          2. Bronwyn says:

            Oh! That’s not bad at all! I’m excited for you. I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. 🙂

  2. Gwen Cease says:

    I love your bookshelves. I especially love the fabulous chair in the first pic. I want it!! 🙂 Oh and the yarn too, as long as I’m being covetous.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      Thank you! That is one of my best ever estate sale finds even though Morrighan is trying her best to destroy it.

  3. cindy griffin says:

    After living in a library and being responsible for 17k + books, I own few real books in my home. My most treasured collection though is 10 books that belonged to my hubby’s grandfather. They are school primers that he used as a teacher in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to teach in a small school in TN before coming to Texas.
    I recently acquired some signed books at AAA that I now display on a small desk shelf. I love them because they remind me of special authors who showed me I can be whatever I want to be even in retirement.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I would loooooove to see those school primers! And how cool that they’re your husband’s grandfather’s. Those are beyond special. If you ever do a blog post about them, please let me know!

      And speaking of being whatever you want to be, is your book out, yet? Huh? Huh? Is it? If so, links! If not, promise to let me know when, okay!?

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