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No, it’s not the same helpers employed by Hemingway and Poe – I have enough trouble staying on task. Meet Herne. This is pretty much how I spend every day – Super Kitty sprawled across my laptop. It’s a wonder I get anything written!

0 thoughts on “My little helper…

  1. Sandra Cox says:

    Ahh. What a cutie.

  2. Anny Cook says:

    Sammie would sit there if I let her, but I don’t so she curls up on the daybed and sleeps there.

  3. Gee he and Quinn think alike.

  4. Hooray for helper cat! How many words a minute does he type, and can I borrow him on my bad days?

  5. ohhh.. cute!! im thinking of getting one too.. too many lizards in the house.. hopefully a cat will help me control it..

  6. kavita says:

    what a cutie!

  7. It’s NIIICE having company while writing! He’s so cute.

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