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Oooooohhhh, it’s time for another installments of Favorite Things.
And this month, it’s TV shows.
These are in no particular order, because for the most part, I can’t decide.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I know some people like the movie rather than the show, but I freaking love the show. The movie was only okay for me.  I know that it’s problematic in terms of some of the themes, but I love it anyway. The characters and (most of) their arcs, the dialogue…it will always be high on my list of faves. 
Game of Thrones – I haven’t read the books, (someday) but I do enjoy the show. First off, Peter Dinklage. What’s not to love? Secondly, costume porn. OMG, the most amazing costume porn. Thirdly, this is kind of a train wreck love for me because holy hell, WTF is going to happen next!? ( I know…if I’d read the books, I’d know. But whatevs.)
Supernatural – This is going to be a fairly unpopular opinion, but I as much as I love me some Sam and Dean, I wonder if perhaps the show has gone on a little too long. I worry that plot-wise, it’s rolling downhill, and we’re constantly revisiting themes we’ve already dealt with. But, that said, I do still enjoy it and I *love* when Felicia Day guest stars. LOVE. IT.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Of all the Star Treks, and despite my deep and abiding love for Patrick Stewart, DS9 is my fav. I love the politics and the characters. The writing on that show was universally excellent.
Firefly – oh, Firefly…I loved you so. You should have lasted longer. Stupid network. Yeah, I know we got Serenity, and that’s awesome, except for the parts that weren’t! But I still love Firefly – characters and dialogue in particular. 
Doctor Who – I haven’t had a chance to watch the original ones, but I love the reboot. Ten is my Doctor, in case anyone is wondering. However, I’m not happy with some of the more recent plotlines and character issues. I’m hoping that these things will shake themselves out. 
Sherlock – Dear lord, I love Benedict Cumberbatch, despite the fact that some people *coughJennyTroutcough*say he looks like a lizard in a man suit. Whatever, Trout. I heart him. And his hands. And his voice. And I thoroughly enjoy the show. 
Hannibal – Hoooookay. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen in the same show. Be still my beating heart. I’m not gonna lie – I’m here for the unbelievable tension between these two. And in spite of the gore (and the fucked up crap they pulled with Alana Bloom last season) this show is a thing of beauty.
Merlin – I can’t believe I almost forgot to add Merlin! What is the matter with me!? Okay, A.) Arthurian lore. I’m all over that. B.) Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Stewart head and Katie McGrath. I’m all over that, too. Yes, there are some issues with the show, but I love it, anyway. Also? Costume porn. 
Covington Cross – Maybe this is just nostalgia talking, but I loved that show. I loved it so hard. The most velour of all velour Middle Ages, plus Nigel Terry. Perfection. 
The Animaniacs – I will never tire of The Animaniacs. Never. Yakko, Wakko and Dot, Pinky and the Brain, Slappy the Squirrel, The Wheel of Morality, The Good Feathers, Buttons and Mindy, the songs – oh, the glorious songs. Someday, I’ll get it all on DVD, and I will be thrilled. 

What are some of your favorites? Click the names below to find out what the other WR bloggers love.


0 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: TV Shows

  1. The Big Bang Theory because I love to laugh.
    The Witches of East End because the fight of good conquers evil intrigues me.
    and Marvel's Agents of Shield because it has a little of everything 🙂

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