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When a bounty claim becomes a fight of five against one, Jude Caulfield and Gideon Wells step in to help hunter, Wrenn Saunders, before she’s mortally injured. Wrenn soon learns that three is a good number whether in a fight or in the bedroom. Especially in the bedroom—and that’s just where Jude and Gideon want to keep her.

In the flashing lightning, she saw Jude heading toward them, a glass in his hands. Stopping in front of her, he held the glass to her lips. “Drink.”

“What is it?”

“Rum. Just have a little. It’ll get the blood flowing again.”

With Gideon pressed against the length of her and Jude standing before her shirtless, his sculpted chest kissably damp from the storm, she was feeling slightly warmer already. More than anything, she wanted to lean forward and taste the rain directly from his skin. Of course, she also wanted to arch and rub against Gideon like a cat in heat, but she managed to resist both temptations. Barely.

When Jude pushed the glass against her lips again, she took a couple swallows. It burned going down and she grimaced. Straight alcohol wasn’t typically her drink of choice, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. Maybe if she drank enough, she could blame her inevitable capitulation on the rum. Or maybe she should just do the smart thing and move away from both of them.

Instead, she stayed where she was, her heart pounding wildly and nervous excitement leaping through her veins.

Jude watched as Wrenn pulled away from the glass. A shimmering drop of rum trembled on her full lower lip and he was lost.

“You…ah…missed a spot,” he murmured as he lowered his head, blindly setting the tumbler on the porch rail. He stroked his tongue along her tender flesh, catching the drop of alcohol before tasting her lips fully. He caught her surprised gasp in his mouth as her lips parted beneath his.

Her hands rose between them as if to push him away, but her fingers curled into loose fists, resting uselessly on his chest. Slipping his tongue into the warmth of her mouth, he tasted the rum and the spicy sweetness that had nothing to do with the booze. He groaned as she responded to his kiss, tentatively at first, then more aggressively, sinking her teeth into his lower lip. Finally, he lifted his head and stared into her heavy-lidded eyes.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you sitting at the bar yesterday. To be honest, I want to do it again right now.”

“Oh,” she managed.

He stepped closer, pinning her between his body and Gideon’s, smiling at her sharp gasp as his erection came into contact with her body. Her arousal drifted to him, a soft musk mixing with the scent of rain-wet earth.

Gideon stroked her neck and she trembled beneath his touch. She inhaled deeply, her breath choppy as her eyes fluttered closed. Slipping his other arm around her, Gideon splayed his hand over her belly, nuzzling her neck as he continued to caress her. She jumped at his touch, but her nipples hardened into telltale peaks. Peaks that Jude wanted to taste.

“So this is your backup plan for keeping me warm?” she asked, eyes still closed. “Booze and groping?”

“Well…you didn’t listen when we asked you to stay inside out of the rain,” Gideon murmured against her ear.

“Besides,” Jude added. “It’s working, isn’t it?”

Gideon removed the blanket separating him from Wrenn and tossed it on the porch swing before pressing up against her backside.

Jude knew the moment she felt the other man’s hard-on. Her eyes flew open and she squirmed between them, grinding against them both.

Jude wanted her mouth again. He slipped his hand into her hair and sifted his fingers through the wet strands, angling her head. The rain pounded so loudly around them, he barely heard her gasp as Gideon slipped his hand beneath her shirt to stroke the supple skin of her stomach. Her lips parted as she tried to speak, but he didn’t give her the chance. Claiming her mouth, he took his time, gently caressing, thoroughly exploring. She sighed against his lips, her warm, sweet breath mingling with his.

His fingers collided with Gideon’s as he slipped a hand under her wet shirt. A moment’s jealousy flared at the thought of his best friend touching her. It wasn’t as though they’d never shared a woman before. But none of those women had been Wrenn.

Opening his eyes, he met Gideon’s gaze. He knew without a word that his friend was feeling the same way, but just as suddenly, the moment passed. They could give her something she’d never before experienced. At least, he assumed she’d never had two men at once. His assumption was confirmed by the way she stiffened as Gideon laid open-mouthed kisses along the side of her neck. He paused, waiting to see if she’d fight her desire and push from their arms, but the tension slowly faded leaving only the increased scent of her arousal.

“I have to taste you,” Jude murmured against her lips.

Pulling her shirt upward, he tugged it over her head while Gideon pulled the fabric down her arms and tossed it over the back of the swing. The lightning illuminated her pale skin, and her bra molded wetly to her breasts. Settling his hands at her hips, he dragged his palms upward over the slight indentation of her waist to hover under her full breasts. Her nipples protruded sharply, puckering the lace around them as he bent to draw one of the tight buds into his mouth.

More blood surged into his cock at the sound of her strangled cry. He sucked hard on the engorged flesh, loving the way she squirmed between them and the way the lace rasped against his tongue. Gideon caressed her other breast before slipping his hand inside the fabric to pluck at her nipple. Impatient as ever, he shoved Jude’s head away before tugging both cups down and exposing her trembling breasts.

“So beautiful,” Gideon breathed.

Jude couldn’t agree more as he watched her dark pink nipples crinkle more tightly in the chilly air. He sank to his knees before her as Gideon cupped both breasts as if offering them to him. Jude drifted between her nipples, licking, sucking, biting while she writhed, grinding her ass against Gideon’s cock as he gently turned her head to the side and captured her lips.

Watching the other man explore her mouth while he tormented her breasts had him hard enough to hammer railroad spikes. He couldn’t wait until they were both inside her sweet body.

Jude trailed kisses over her chilled flesh as he moved downward toward the waistband of her jeans. Heady warmth radiated from her cunt as he dragged his face back and forth across her belly.

“I need more,” he practically growled against her skin.