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Common Writing Mistakes: An Editor’s Perspective

Best and Worst: Conflict

Best and Worst: Sex Scenes

Best and Worst: POV

Best and Worst: Dialogue

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My Writing Process Revisited: How Has it Changed/Evolved?

Top 10 Story Tropes

Top 10 Character Traits  I Like Writing 

Favorite Writing Advice

Top 10 Ways to Lose Me As a Reader

Writing Fears and Anxieties

Tips, Tricks, and Tools I Use to Organize My Writing

Tropes I Hate in Fiction and Why: A.K.A. Bron Unloads (Again)

What I Hate About Writing

Finding the Balance with Writing and Everything Else

How I Create My Characters AKA The Children’s Book Proposal that Tanked: If You Give a Bron a Line of Dialogue

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part One

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Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part Three

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What Motivates Me to Write

Abandoned Stories? 

Writing: My Strengths and Weaknesses

Why I Write

Writing Pet Peeves

Something I’ve Always Wanted to Write but Haven’t 

How I name My Characters

Mistakes from My First Manuscript: How I’ve Grown as an Author

Weird Writing Thing…

Dealing with Writer’s Block

My Writing Process in 30ish Steps

Writing Rules I Live By – Writing Rules I Break

The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Written

Write What You Know – Agree or Disagree?

Dear Adderall – A Love Letter

How Writing Affects My Life & Vice Versa

My Writing Space – Real vs. Ideal

The Day that Javier Regretted Coming to Work aka The Day that Jenny Trout is the Best Worst Best Friend Ever

Five Biggest Writing Distractions

Self-Defeating Behaviors in Authors and How Best to Combat Them

Writing Wishes

When I Knew I Wanted to be a Writer – or When I Realized that Words Have Power

Stuff I Need in Order to Write

A Day in the Life of an Erotic Romance Writer…Not as Exciting as Advertised