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This winter has been weird, yo.

Normally, this is what winter in West Michigan looks like.


The back of my house.


My garage.

However, this year, there’s some weird shit going on. We’ve even had 50 degree days in February. This is not normal. This is what it looks like today.


I just went outside without a coat on to take this picture. It’s like spring out there.

Check out the other bloggers’ posts and see what winter is like where they live. Gwen, Deelylah, TorranceKellie, and Kris.

0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Winter Where I Live

  1. twimom227 says:

    That was NH last year… no snow at all, after a record-breaking winter the year before. Then last week, we had a snow day, then next day it was 55, then we had another snow day. Crazy weather!

  2. Torrance Sené says:

    Snow and the moon *_*

  3. Amanda says:

    The winters in this part of Ohio are usually pretty mild with some snow/ice that they never prepare for. I was used to snow in late October because I grew up in Cleveland lol. This winter has been all over the place, and even got up into the 60s a few days ago. My temperature blanket is going to look like a rainbow if this keeps up.

  4. Kris Norris says:

    You have stolen my nice temperatures and sent me your snow. I shall have my revenge. Love the images, especially that first one.

  5. Pansy Petal says:

    Yep! You prepared this post yesterday. Today FEELS like winter. COLD! Brrrrr! Still not much snow though. Just some flurries here. Then we wonder why we aren’t sick all the time. Spring yesterday. Freezing today. 😛

    But this was a great idea. Thank you.

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