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This is the cover art for my new story, Body of Art, available at Resplendence Publishing on May 19th!

Art professor, Seth Granger, has two problems—an absentee life drawing model and a case of unrequited lust. Luckily his troubles have the same answer—his colleague, Dr. Callie Sullivan. The trick will be getting her out of her clothes and into his studio…and hopefully into his bed. However, she’s intent on keeping her mind on her art and ignoring him. Now he just needs to convince her she should be his body of art.

I’ll be posting an excerpt soon!

0 thoughts on “WooHoo!!! I’ve got new cover art!!!

  1. Kim Dare says:

    Congratulations Bronwyn – it looks fantastic – and the book sounds fantastic too. Looking forward to that excerpt.

    Kim Dare.

  2. Looks great! Yes, pleeeeease pose excerpt soon??

  3. Cait says:

    So.. this “hot for teacher” series?
    Does this come in lesbian? Could you check the stock room?

  4. Anny Cook says:

    Lovely! Very, very nice!

  5. Congratulations! Love the cover!

  6. Ashley Ladd says:

    Beautiful cover. I’m with Molly. Excerpt please!

  7. hey bronwyn..

    the cover was so nice.. a bit naughty though.. 🙂


    by the way.. i wish i have the chance to read your book..

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