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I’m a Gemini, and I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I’m a “classic Gemini”    whatever that means. One of them, was my Aunt Malita, and really she’s a Gemini, too, so…biased
But, supposedly, the positive traits of Gemini are as follows.
Easy-Going and Want to Enjoy Every Moment.  – This is pretty much true. I do get uptight about a few things, but fewer and fewer things faze me these days.  And I do prefer to enjoy things as opposed to not. But really, who doesn’t?
Versatile and Will Try Their Hands at Diverse Things.  – I don’t know about diverse things, but I’ll try some new stuff – sure.
Enthusiastic and Full of Life.  – I’m pretty enthusiastic about stuff that excites/interests me. That’s true.

Brilliant Communication Skills and Can Sell Anything to Anyone. – I don’t know about brilliant, I’m pretty decent at explaining myself. Sometimes it just takes me longer to get to the point than others. 

Curious and Creative. – I think so on both counts. I’m *always* making something and I’m definitely curious.

Witty and Humorous. – I think I tell a decent anecdote and have a good one-liner here and there.

Intellectual and interested in learning. – I wouldn’t consider myself an intellectual, but I do like to learn.

And there are negative traits, too.

Lack of Consistency and Focus, Hates Boredom. – Yeah, I’ll own this. Sometimes it’s tough to stay focused without wanting to switch to something else. And I *loathe* being bored. It’s why I can’t watch TV without doing something with my hands and why I really hate going to sporting events. I have a hard time just sitting and not doing something.

Superficial and Trouble with Details. – I’d have to say no to superficial – well, maybe very occasionally. But trouble with details? Yep. Sometimes I skim…much to my detriment.

Lack Decision Making Ability. – I admit that I have trouble making decisions. More so in the past than now. But now, I make a choice and try to own it.

Lack of Direction and Focus. – When I was younger I’d get bored with things and wander away from them forever. Like, it once took me eight years to embroider a small tablecloth for my mom. Eight years. Now, I just make sure to finish stuff before I wander away from it.
Anxiousand Bite Off More Than They Can Chew. – I frequently bite off more than I can chew and it leads to major anxiety. I’ve been getting better about this. Mostly, I think it comes from my difficulty with saying “no” – but that bad trait is rapidly improving.
So, I guess I do fit the classic description of a Gemini pretty well. 
What about you? Do you fit your sign? What about the other WR bloggers? Click their names to find out.  



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  1. Ahhh my Gemini twin! I think we embody the best of our sign, but we've thankfully outgrown the worst. 🙂

  2. As a Sag, I'm supposed to love the outdoor. Bleh….only in 'perfect' conditions, and if there's a good motel nearby! I hate camping!

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