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This week, Jess and Leigh and I decided to do a pictorial post about the stuff in our purses. You can poke around in Jess’ purse here and take a purse at the contents of Leigh’s purse here.

But here’s what’s in my bag.

First off, here’s my bag. The leather purse is my winter purse (and also my flying on a plane purse because TSA agents most emphatically do not like my big paisley bag) and the paisley bag is my spring, summer and autumn purse.

This is everything in my purse. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In the health and and beauty aid department, I have my:

purple paisley makeup bag
a bottle of allergy pills and ibuprofen
a bottle of enzymatic papaya chews (healthier than tums)
contact case and contact solution
3 inhalers
a tube of cough drops
a hair brush
a first aid package (what…I hurt myself a lot)
a pad
oil blotting sheets
2 nail files
a tweezer
dental floss
2 tubes of lip balm
5 bottles of essential oil perfume
a mirror
4 barrettes
2 hair forks

In the finance department there’s:

an overstuffed wallet
a checkbook
an empty change purse
a thing from my new insurance company for when I find anew dentist

And on the writing front, I’ve got:

my iPad
my phone
a charger
2 notebooks
11 pens

And in the random miscellaneous shit section, there’s:

2 pair of sunglasses (brown and black)
a measuring tape
2 Tide spot cleaners
fingerless mitts that my mama knitted me
my carpal tunnel brace that I need to use when I drive
some rocks including the heart shaped one the mama gave me
and my charm bracelet of doom (sometimes I take it off and shove it in my purse)

A few years ago, there would have been a lot more Lego guys and pirates in my bag, but alas…the boys are too old to shove that stuff in there now. Sigh…

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