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So, I attempted to put the creamer back in the fridge.

It didn’t go well.

I knocked the vat of salsa off the top shelf. Then when I was bending over to pick it up, the creamer bottle fell out, bounced off my head and hit the floor. The flip-top lid broke and creamer spewed everywhere. Brand new bottle, of course.

I sopped it up with a towel then bent over to clean up the mess with a washrag. I slipped a little on the wet floor and caught myself on the fridge door where I managed to simultaneously push the water and ice dispenser levers.

I managed to shoot freezing cold water in my left ear and catch chunks of ice behind the lens of my glasses.

You understand why I was moderately surprised by the lack of sitcom laugh track.

0 thoughts on “What? No laugh track?

  1. Chris says:

    Holy crap! I would've just collapsed on to the floor in a whimpering ball at that point. Were you the only one in the kitchen?!

  2. Yeah, but Matt heard me swearing from his comfy spot in the living room and called, “Problem?”

    I don't think anyone would have blamed me if I had walked out there and kicked him.

  3. ReneAva says:

    Oh my!! I'm so sorry you went through that, but I was laughing while reading!! I believed things like that only happened to me (minus the water & ice dispenser). Hope you are ok 🙂

  4. Sounds about right. You ever see A Shot In The Dark (I think it was A Shot In The Dark, otherwise it was Return of The Pink Panther. It was an Inspector Clouseau movie, that much I remember)? Something very similar happens during an at-home karate ambush.

  5. Mia Watts says:

    OMG LOLOLOLOL!! I'm dying over here! Only you, honey. To anyone else saying this I'd call bullshit. With you, it's totally believable.

  6. Amy Lane says:

    Oh geez– that's horrible, and now I'm laughing! Glad you're okay… kill the refrigerator before it gets you first!

  7. You need a stunt double.

  8. Marie says:

    To funny. Your off to a hell of start for your day.

  9. molli says:

    I'm sorry, but that could only happen to YOU! *hugs*

  10. Fran Lee says:

    OMG! Your day sounds like many of mine. My favorite thing to do is get on or off the freeway at the wrong entry or exit and ha e to drive 20 extra miles to get where I am going.

  11. Jason says:

    good lawd! lol! ~snuggles~

  12. J.C. Hanks says:

    ROFLMAO!! I can only imagine. 🙂 Not that I should laugh, I gave myself a concussion once simply by falling of a chair I was standing on to turn off the light in my sister's china cabinet. Caught my upper arm on the dining room table which saved me from whacking my head on the floor, but apparently the backward motion was enough to give me a concussion. That's all I remember about it until my sister came to pick me up from work because I was acting so “weird” and swearing worse than the former navy boys I worked for.

  13. Susilien says:

    You are not the only one. These things happen to me too, without the water and ice cubes, because we don't have that with our fridge.

    Just laugh with us and don't kill Matt. He's a man. He can't help himself. My Dad is the same way. He hears me or my Mom thump, hurt and grouse and he yells out “Okay?”

  14. Donna says:

    So Lucy, was Ethel helping you?


  15. I'm not sure whether I should laugh hysterically or applaud your bravery at sharing this with us. At least your hubby heard you and maybe would have come if you were hurt. Mine is hard of hearing so I have to literally be in his face before he hears me screaming for help.

  16. Susan says:

    We must be sisters seperated at birth! This is so something I would do!!

  17. Judy K says:

    Oh Bronwyn we all have days, weeks, months or years like this! You just joined the human race. Hope when all was done and cleaned up, you weren't hurt! At least it wasn't caught on film 😉 Judy King

  18. Amber Skyze says:

    LMAO That's a hell of a way to start the day.

  19. Well, Bron, the other day I managed to soak my underpants with pickle juice.


    The pickle bottle, empty except for copious amounts brine and spices, slid off the counter where I was making tuna salad and landed on the floor near my feet. Fortunately it bounced rather than broke but it sprayed brine everywhere, including over my thighs and crotch.

    I had to take a shower before I could serve lunch.

    There were bits of dill and pepper corns floating down the drain!

    (Gee, I should have blogged about this…!)

  20. ROLFMAO!

    When you got to the part about grabbing the door, I thought you were going to say the creamer fell down again….or the fridge toppled over!

    Glad you're okay!

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