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This week, we’re blogging about stuff that makes us happy. I have a feeling this is going to be a super random list because a lot of things make me happy.  In no particular order at all, here they are…
Hugs from my kids.They never fail to make me happy. Even if I’m in a bad mood. 
Actually, hugs in general. I’m a touchy feely person and physical contact (with people I’m comfortable with) makes me happy. 
Waves on the shore.I love the sound of waves. I prefer the waves of Lake Superior, but I’ll be honest. Any waves will do. 
Thunderstorms. As long as they don’t venture into tornado territory, they give me warm fuzzies. 
My family. I seriously won the family lottery. I am crazy about my family. Yes, sometimes we piss each other off, but we’re always there for each other. Even when we’re pissed. They’re all hilariously funny, smart and compassionate. My mama mommed us well. 
Rocks. Yeah, I know. That sounds dumb. But whatevs. Rocks make me happy. I love to hold them, look at them, climb them, know that they were here millions of years before me and will be here millions of years after I’m gone. 
Yarn, fabric and clay.There is nothing that appeals to me like the tactile experience of fiber and well, mud, and knowing that if I want to, I can make something out of it. 
Kindness. Not just people being kind to me or people I care about, but people being kind in general. Genuine kindness, though – not the fake bullshit of people being kind because they think they’re going to get something out of it. This world is so full of anger and hate, and some days, it feels like there’s not enough kindness to go around. But then I see little acts of kindness here and there and I feel like there’s hope. And it makes me happy.
Music. Music that I love makes me happy. In fact, music is so powerful, that I have a depression playlist that I listen to when I’m starting to feel down. 
Friends. I have the most amazing friends on the planet. I can’t even believe how damn lucky I am, and they make me happy beyond belief. They get me in all my quirky glory, and I know that I can trust them with anything. I know that no matter what, these are the people that will always be there for me, and I’ll always be there for them. 
Cats. I know. I have issues. But cats make me irrationally happy. Unless I’m steeping in cat puke at three am.
Baby animals of all kinds. I’m s sucker for the squee factor. 
Baby belly laughs.There’s something about a baby laughing that just lifts my spirits no matter what. 
Nature. I love Living in a place that has all four seasons (even though the snow sometimes makes me want to weep) and the changes are so dramatic and beautiful. Walking through forests, sitting by a lake or river or stream, listening to the wind and rain, watching the snow fall and the leaves change, all of it makes me happy. That is a lie. Ragweed and cottonwood most assuredly do *not* make me happy. But I’m good with everything else. 
Writing. I love creating and having an outlet for all the stories floating around my head. Getting them out on paper makes me happy. 
Reading.Exploring other worlds and lives makes me happy, too. And sometimes sad, depending on the book, but that’s okay. I’m happy when I’m invested enough in an author’s words to feel something.
Writing Retreats. I love spending a week with my writing retreat girls – there’s nothing better than laughing ’til you hurt and writing a ton. 
Lake Superior. I know I already mentioned waves and nature, but Lake Superior makes me insanely happy. 

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  1. Jess Jarman says:

    I didn't put Lake Superior on my list! What was I thinking?? 🙂

  2. You have an awesome list!!! I didn't think about the beach or yarn. Ugh! Now I need to go back and add stuff. 🙂

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