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This week for our tandem blogging, Leigh, Jess and I decided to put our music players on shuffle and  post the first ten songs that came up…no matter how cringe-worthy and embarrassing they were.



Okay, here’s what I got.

1.)  Shiver My Timbers –  Muppet Treasure Island Soundtrack

I refuse to be embarrassed about this…because Muppets! And pirates! And also Tim Curry! (But not in this song.)

2.)  Rumour Has It – Adele  Oh yeah…my go-to Karaoke song.  Also, my sing real loud in the car song while at stoplights.

3.)  Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root.  I love this song, and I’ll love it for the rest of my life no matter what. It’s good for morning yoga. It’s good for road trips. And it’s good for dancing around like an idiot.

4.)  China – Tori Amos.   Quite possibly my least favorite Tori song ever. Seriously, Shuffle – if you were going with the Little Earthquakes album, there were so many better choices.

5.) Cell Block Tango – Chicago Soundtrack.  Now I’ll have the line, “He ran into my knife ten times” in my head for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays.

6.) Summer Vibe – Walk Off the Earth.  This is a great road trip song. Sometimes I listen to it and pretend that the snow will someday melt and summer will come back. But I fear this will never come to pass… If you’re needing some summer, too, check this out.

7.) Ojos Asi – Shakira. Well done, Shuffle. I unapologetically love this song. Also, my SIL’s belly dancing tribe does a fantastic dance to this.

8.) Ghosts That We Knew – Mumford and Sons. Yay! I love this song! It’s a little jarring after Shakira, but whatevs.

9.) Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Cher.  Ah yes, one of my favorite bedtime songs as a kid because my mom sang us wildly inappropriate lullabies.

10.) Walk Through the Fire – Buffy the Vampire Slayer(the musical episode) Yeah…so the subtitles are in Spanish, but hey…Giles and Spike! Singing!

Sooooooo…this is what my Shuffle thought I needed today. I’m okay with pretty much all of these choices. Except China.No, shuffle. Just…no.

I can’t wait to see what showed up on Leigh and Jess’ lists. You can see Leigh’s here and Jess’ here.

0 thoughts on “What happens when Bron puts her music on shuffle…

  1. Jess Jarman says:

    I love the muppets. I find it vastly amusing that was the first thing to pop up. 😀

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