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I’d forgotten (okay, maybe repressed is a better word) how tiring an infant and a toddler are. My sister, Cait, and I babysat our niece and nephew from about noon on Saturday until about 11pm. Good lord, those kids are busy.

Madelynn is three and a total wild child. Freakishly adorable, but exhausting. We played Tinkerbell-Butterfly-Faery and read books (mostly the same three over and over and over and over) walked to the park, played there, coerced her to eat, played the balloon game which consists of hitting the balloon around, Madelynn squealing and then informing me that I’m doing it wrong.

“Not like that, Bumpy!!!”

Oh yeah – she also renamed us. Cait is now Aunt Grumpy and I am now known as Aunt Bumpy. I asked our niece if that meant she was Lumpy and she gave me a look of utter disgust and said, “Uh…No! I Madelynn.” Yeah…I got told by a toddler.

We didn’t have to coerce Nolen to eat. He’s five months old and is definitely his Daddy’s boy. I think that child would have eaten the entire time if we’d let him. He also felt the need to spit-up constantly. Only on Cait. She was not impressed. Not even a little. And let me tell you – an all black wardrobe and baby spew…not a good combo. He even got her socks. That kid has coverage. But he’s snugly and ridiculously cute and we love him.

After we left, we went to our favorite cemetery to see if we could get some orb pictures..cause we’re nerds like that. Unfortunately, there was a party at the hall near the graveyard, but we explored anyway. I know we got a few orbs in the pics, but I haven’t been able to download them off my camera yet because my computer was being stupid, but more on in a sec. Then we drove around and sang at the top of our lungs and visited GVSU’s campus where Cait posed suggestively with statues. Helllllooooo…Facebook.

Yesterday my stinking computer crashed, but after many long tortuous hours, the hubby fixed it. Thank God it happened on a Sunday. That reminds me…really need to do a backup today.

I hope you’re all having a spectacular day! I’m off to do some major house purging since the Salvation Army truck is coming through our neighborhood this week! Yay!! I love getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore!!!

0 thoughts on “What a weekend…

  1. All black wardrobes and taking pix in grave yards???

    Totally my kind of peeps.

    High-five to the sisterhood.

  2. What's an orb picture? Do you mean like a ghost picture? I've lived in several haunted houses. Should have pulled out the camera!

  3. I love hearing what you're up to.

  4. Tell Cait she's not the only one babies spit up on. When a friend's child was weeks/months old, I was the only one who could get her to burp. And that also meant decorating one or both shoulders. Especially at baseball games!

  5. Sounds like nerd heaven to me. Yeah, I'm a nerd too. Love stuff like that.

    Ummm. The babysitting sounds fun and reminds me that secretly I'm happy to be menopausal now. I'm sooo not up for that stuff.I remember thinking once that you could always spot a new mother. She was the one with spit-up on her shoulder.

  6. Ashley Ladd says:

    Your niece sounds like my granddaughter who will be 3 in October. Crystal's an energy ball.

    What's an orb picture? Sounds like fun if you mean ghost. I think I'd like to try it. I can just see my kids reaction when I try to take them to the graveyard on a dark night. Then again, they already know I'm crazy.

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