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You know what I like about the weekends?

Sleeping until I’m done.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this weekend.

Friday was an all day field trip with 75 sixth graders. There was a historical re-enactment encampment. They had a revolutionary war cannon along with it’s crew, am 18th century fur trading family, musket practice with all of the kids (just wooden ones – not real ones), a blacksmith, a wood worker who used only 18th century equipment and re-enactors who demonstrated key battles in the French and Indian war. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled about the firing of the cannon and the musket practice.

The most hilarious part of the day was watching my youngest son, Corwin, interacting with the new girl, Elise. It was apparent that Elise is clearly smitten with my child. Had it not been obvious by her following him around, hanging on every word he said and the dreamy expression on her face whenever she looked at him, I still would have been clued in thanks to my friend’s daughter, Taylor.

Taylor: You know that Elise has a thing for Corwin, right?
Me: I gathered that.
Taylor: (sighing) Poor Elise.
Me: Yeah…he’s completely oblivious.
Taylor: Yup. It’s not looking good for our heroes.

Corwin thinks he has a new friend who likes art and cats – two of his favorite things, while Elise is looking at him as potential boyfriend material. Granted, I think 12 is a tad young to be scoping out boyfriends, but I also remember having major crushes at that age. Hopefully she won’t take it personally if he remains clueless.

Friday night, Brynn and I were hired to give Tarot readings at a local convention. What was supposed to be a two hour gig ended up being almost five. The people just kept coming and coming.

The high point of my evening was when I was doing a reading for this lady and I looked up and a mime was staring at me. I was a little startled as mimes are closer to clowns than I want to get.

Me: Holy shit! It’s a mime!
Lady: (leaning over and peering at the cards) In my reading?!?
Me: No…behind you.

Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was hilarious – after I got over my initial jolt of fear.

Meanwhile the mime is glaring angrily at us. Brynn thinks it’s because all of the people he and the juggler had been entertaining had left their area to wait for readings from us. The mime wasn’t pleased, that’s for sure!

On Saturday, I had to go to a wedding for one of my husband’s employees. It was nice – except of the copious use of the word “submissive” in the woman’s vows. At the reception, the groom and his mom danced to that Josh Groban song – that You Raise Me Up one. One of the ladies at our table looked at me and said – pretty soon you’ll be dancing with your son like this at his wedding. I pointed out that my oldest was only 15 and her response was that it would be here before I knew it. At which point, I totally started crying at a table of virtual strangers. Well done, Bron…well done.

On Sunday, we had to go to a Detroit Lions football game as part of another work thing for my husband. I hate sports. I hate being social with people I don’t know. I hate being social at a sporting event. Also the Lions suck. Real bad. If I remember my brother’s bitching correctly, I don’t think they won a game at all last season. The lost again on Sunday. However, we were in one of those suites – the kind with leather seats and a refrigerator and a stove and easy chairs – and it was catered. The food was amazing. In addition to typical game food of ribs, wings and brats, there was also a really amazing salad and a bunch of Mediterranean food. I’d like to say the food was worth it, but the three hour drive coupled with the additional hour wait in traffic and the hour and forty-five minute wait to get out of the parking ramp at the end made it kinda sucky. However, I did get a great start cross stitching my nephew’s Christmas stocking.

Here’s hoping this weekend is better. At least it won’t involve a sporting event – of that, I’m sure.

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  1. You poor thing! What a crazy weekend!

    I can possibly help you with the football part if you will allow me put the game in my own girly way:

    Football is a few dozen, finely sculpted, sweaty men workin' the field to plant their flag (the football) into the other team's country (the touchdown.)

    It's kind of our time's equivalent of a jousting tourney.

    My choice for the game with the best buns? The Army/Navy game.

    If you look at football through my eyes, you might see a few things you won't mind viewing so much.

  2. I adore Taylor! She sounds like an excellent girl buddy, junior grade.

  3. anny cook says:

    Young love… Wouldn't want to go back there for anything.

  4. Ashley Ladd says:

    My daughter has a softball tournament all day tomorrow and although I like it on one hand, I dread being out in the heat, unable to use my computer or have a comfortable bathroom for so long. Oh well.

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