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Saturday, we went to my dad and stepmom’s for a delicious, pre-Easter meal of steaks on the grill. They live on a lake, so even though it rained the whole time we were there, it was still gorgeous.

I got a chance to hang out with my favorite sister-in-law as well as one of my brothers and my niece and nephew. We all had a blast, but omg, my niece can be exhausting sometimes. She’s a bit of a tornado…a stubborn princess-y tornado. Everything about Lex is “Go Big or Go Home.” I think that will likely serve her well in later life, but sometimes, it just makes me a little tired. But the boys had fun hanging with their cousins and visiting with Nana and Grandpa. We’re all looking forward to going up to the UP for a family vacation this summer. My stepbrother and his wife and my niece and nephew on that side will be going, too. It’s going to be so much fun!

On Sunday, we went to my aunt’s and I brought the only dish my family will let me bring – green bean casserole. They’re convinced it’s the only thing I can make. It’s not a big deal – I hate cooking anyway, and it’s not like it needs a ton of prep or cook time. Besides, I’ve tweaked the recipe over the years – roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup instead of regular, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon pieces…mmmmm…bacon.

But I digress. It was a pretty small crowd – only 39 of us. Usually, we’re looking at 60-70ish. But we all had a great time and fantastic food (except for the ham and kielbasa – so not a fan of either of those – blech) There was a giant Easter egg hunt for the kids and visiting with my sibs and cousins. The weather was perfect, except for the part where I forgot my SPF Vampire sunscreen – stupid fair skin – but I didn’t get too toasted. My sister, on the other hand, got very pink.

My one aunt (who’s a teacher) and I had a lovely discussion about Psychological Munchhausen by Proxy. She’s got some horrifying parents in her first grade class this year and is so happy to be retiring at the end of the year. And I did end up with another sewing project before I left from another aunt, but hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze it out before the Memorial Day cookout. All in all, it was a great time.

Yesterday, Brynn and her boys came over to hang out with me and my boys. It was wonderful! I love Spring Break. I particularly enjoy not getting up at the ass crack of dawn. I am a little annoyed though. Two of Killian’s teachers gave him major projects to do over break. It’s break, people. B-R-E-A-K – as in a break from school and homework. Grrrrrrrrr

I’m hoping to get a ton of writing done this week, but mostly, I’m just enjoying hanging with the boys and sleeping in. Isn’t it time for summer break, yet?

0 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Chris says:

    Enjoy your week! Gah, I can't imagine being a teacher now….

  2. Kim says:

    we had that also. and it annoys the crap out of me. its break and I really will NOT let the kids do the work. I've written to teachers about it and complained and its gotten them excused from it. But this week,the girls had Massive papers and math homework from another teacher.. But then the water pipe in the bathroom exploded and NOTHING was done other than bailing of water.
    Nothing like 200 gallons of water flooding out from the bathroom into your house to make you NOT do your homework! lol!

    Kim in Florida

  3. Anny Cook says:

    Grandkids were home all last week PLUS something called Easter Monday! They are BACK at school this week. I think they're as relieved as we are.

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