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Why? Because according to my friends, I’m a giant hippie, but I like to think of it as being ecologically minded.

I’ve always recycled (thanks, mom) but this year I’m going to make an even bigger effort in the green department. For instance, I’m going to sew fabric grocery bags and keep them in the car at all times…and then remember to bring them into the store with me. I feel a little guilty, because I should have done it forever ago, but better late than never.
So, do you recycle? Use eco-friendly products? Or just don’t care?

0 thoughts on “We Interrupt This RT Recap for Earth Day

  1. My dad brought his own bags to the grocery store waaaay before it was cool. He did it in the 80’s and 90’s. So one day, he’s in some other place, like the bank or something, and the cashier from Prevo’s recognizes him and goes, “Hey, it’s the bag man!”I am getting better at the eco thing, which we all must do. I just bought my first aluminum water bottle. No more disposable bottles for me. It felt totally weird to pay almost twenty bucks for a water bottle but it’s extremely nice and will last forever.

  2. I recycle plastic, glass, and newspapers. I do my small part:)

  3. Ashley Ladd says:

    I have to do a better job in the recycling department. I’m good about it at work.

  4. I have fabric bags in the car. I generally remember them halfway through my shopping trip.But, I did give up using the eco-friendly coffee cups in our cafeteria and use the same cup every day. It’s a step. . .

  5. I recycle plastic, newspaper etc and I have a compost bin. That dirt is so rich you can eat it I reckon

  6. Anny Cook says:

    I recycle the things I can. Have fabric bags from Wal-mart and other places. Use eco-friendly light bulbs. Save water.

  7. Brynn Paulin says:

    You are a giant hippie šŸ™‚Save energy… buy the cloth bags at the store. They sell them cheap now.

  8. I’ve always recycled. Even before Reading set up a program.

  9. We have a major recycling problem. Our “recycling service” sponsored by our city never shows up. My school recycles though. We use the money to help the science department.

  10. Smut Girl says:

    yes, we do. recycle, reuse, use green projects, donate, freecycle. all of it. hope you had fun at RT. am…um…’green’ with envy! xoxosommer

  11. Sandra Cox says:

    Good for you, Bron Bud!

  12. Kelly Kirch says:

    I’m conscious of being eco-friendly (lights off during the day, minimal water usage, car usage with careful consideration to shortest route, etc) but I too have neglected the use of fabric bags.I have however made a switch of general cleaning products to home-created cleaners which work just as well.

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