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So far, today has been annoying beyond words. I woke up feeling like someone had used my left kidney as a speed bag. Included with the pain is a nifty 101 degree fever.

After a brutal Anti-Cleaver morning in which my youngest child gave me The Rage, I dragged my sorry ass to the doctor only to sit for an hour and forty-five minutes while they tried to reach my new insurance company to verify that I was indeed covered.

I’m taking solace in ginormous antibiotic pills, cranberry-pomegranate juice and season six of Buffy.

To answer Fred’s question from yesterday, the urn-y thing with the figure bent over it is a sculpture of Cerridwen stirring her cauldron of inspiration – hubby got it for me for Mother’s Day one year. I think it’s pretty nifty too. Here’s a closer view of the coolness.

Sorry for being a whiny hag. I’m hoping for an infinately better day tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Warning: You may need some cheese with this whine.

  1. It’s not counted as whining when accompanied by pain. In fact, it helps alleviate it so don’t hold back. Feel better fast.

  2. If your kidney is a speed bag, you should take some of it, not pills.Seriously, lay low and take it easy.

  3. Anny Cook says:

    Kidney infections are the nastiest–except for kidney stones. I’ve had both. Feel better and drink, drink, drink…

  4. Prayers heading your way, sweetie:) Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I don’t believe any woman I know whines. We just have ‘moments’. I prescribe Tim Tams when you are feeling better.

  6. Kelly Kirch says:

    Do you get TimTams in Michigan, Bron? Do you have a World Market which sells them as Arnott’s? If not, let me know.I love the urny. Though I have to admit, I’ve never wrapped my naked legs around a hot cauldron with such intensity. Oh wait there was that one time…. nope, no, my mistake. Haven’t done it.I’m seeing a theme here with the nekkid people, Me. Care to share with the class?Fred

  7. Kelly Kirch says:

    PS. I know I already said it in email, but FEEL BETTER SOON.I didn’t want to be the only cad not mentioning my concern for all the world to see. 😉

  8. There, there, dear. Feel better soon.

  9. Smut Girl says:

    I hope you feel better very soon. Buffy is a good cure-all. Just make sure to take extra Spike for a speedy recovery. Mmm…Spike…XOXOSommer

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